Pillow Covers

Pillow covers, which are among the indispensable complements of every bedroom, are unique elements that combine comfort and aesthetics. When presenting pillowcase models, the difference is made with a wide variety of designs and quality fabric options that will adapt to the decoration of your bedroom. Whether white pillow covers or colourful pillow covers, they are waiting for you with options for every taste.

Elegant linen pillow covers, cotton pillow covers and rectangular pillow covers add a modern touch to your bedrooms while creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Patterned pillow covers bring a lively atmosphere to your rooms with their dynamic patterns and colour options, while grey pillow covers and black pillow covers can be ideal choices for lovers of minimalism. In IKEA's extensive pillowcase collection, it is possible to find high quality products suitable for every style.

Double pillow covers, which you can choose to increase the comfort of your home, attract attention with their comfortable use and economy. These products, which you can find in sets of two or single pillow covers, manage to be the favourite of every couple. Moreover, in addition to the standard pillowcase size, there are also 60x80 pillowcase and pillowcase 50x70 options that appeal to different needs. Feel free to browse the extensive collection to find a pillowcase for every bed size.

In the pillowcase collection, there are red pillow covers specially designed for the seasons, pillow coolers with a cooling effect in summer and cotton options that keep warm in winter. Thus, you can renew the atmosphere of your bedroom by changing your pillow covers every season in accordance with the season and maintain a comfortable sleeping environment at all times.

Favourite pillowcase models

Pillow covers, one of the most important elements that determine the elegance and comfort of the bedroom, are available in our wide range of products that appeal to different styles and tastes. While our simple and stylish white pillowcase options are ideal for those who prefer simplicity, colourful pillow covers and patterned pillow covers will be a very impressive choice for those who want to create a more dynamic room atmosphere.

To increase the comfort of your home, the material quality and texture of the pillow covers is also an important factor. In this context, we offer cotton pillow covers and linen pillow covers for those looking for luxurious and premium touches. Cotton models provide a soft and comfortable feeling when in contact with your skin, while linen pillow covers stand out with their natural texture and durability.

Specially designed to preserve the form and filling of your pillow for a long time, double pillow covers make your life easier with their quick and easy-to-apply features. In addition to the standard pillowcase size, you can find the ideal fit for all types of pillows with our different size options such as 60x80 pillowcase and pillowcase 50x70.

Red pillow covers, which are suitable for all seasons and can accompany different bedroom sets, offer an excellent alternative for those looking for a bold and energetic decorative touch. With these colour options in customised sizes, you can create an ambience in your bedroom that suits your personal style.

You can completely change the themes and colour schemes of your bedroom with minimalist or bold patterns. IKEA's rich collection of pillow covers makes shopping an enjoyable experience for users by offering options for every taste and need.

Discovering suitable pillowcase designs to complement your pillows and bedroom accessories is a simple and effective decorating step that will give your bedroom a breath of fresh air. With options in different sizes, colours and fabric types, you can get the best protection and elegance for your pillow.

Colourful patterned pillow covers

Patterned pillow covers in a variety of vibrant and energising colours add character to every bedroom. Grey pillow covers, black pillow covers, and red pillow covers in the special pattern selection will instantly change the mood of your room. You can easily create the atmosphere you are looking for in your bedroom with these covers that can adapt to different styles of home decorations.

Combining these stylish and functional pillow covers with our sheets and duvet cover set options, you can achieve the perfect harmony. Rectangular pillow covers that will complement the style of your bedroom or cotton pillow covers that reflect current trends have taken their place in our collection.

Each of these products, which combines functionality with aesthetics, stands out with its ease of use as well as improving your sleep quality. In addition to standard sizes such as 50x70 and 60x80 pillow covers, the pillowcase offers alternatives for pillows in special sizes.

Inspired by soothing tones, the special collection makes it possible to create an environment where you can relax in your home. With timeless and stylish options such as grey pillow covers and black pillow covers, there are also great alternatives for those who love minimalist or modern style. You are in the right place to achieve the design and comfort you dream of. Double pillow covers are also among the alternatives.

What is a pillowcase for?

The main purpose of using a pillowcase is to protect your pillow from dirt, dust and dead skin cells. When used in combination with additional products such as pillow covers or pillow coolers, you can get maximum benefit in terms of hygiene and comfort. It is also important for your health with its sleep quality-enhancing effect.

The quality of the material used is directly related to your health as well as comfort. For example, natural fabrics such as cotton pillow covers will not harm your skin and absorb sweat, providing a more comfortable sleep. At the same time, rectangular pillow covers and other standard-sized covers also contribute to a longer lifespan by fully wrapping your pillows and preserving their shape. There are also decoratively stylish products such as red pillow covers.

Aesthetically, pillowcase models complement the decoration of your bedroom or living room. Patterned pillow covers or colourful pillow covers allow you to add a personal touch to your room and reflect your style. IKEA's wide range of products has been carefully crafted to cater for all tastes and decorating styles. The range of linen pillow covers is among the highlights.

In addition, considering personal health and hygiene requirements, the use of a cushion cover can also be used to further augment your bed hygiene by adding a pillowcase. Considering seasonal changes, pillow coolers offer a better-quality sleep by helping to keep your pillow cool in summer. It is also possible to find options among patterned pillow covers.

Pillow covers are also useful due to their easy washability and interchangeability. They can be easily removed and washed as part of your cleaning routine, so you can always keep your pillow clean and fresh. Available in both pillowcase 60x80 and pillowcase 50x70 widths, there are also suitable solutions for pillows of different sizes and shapes. Patterned pillowcase models are also among the prominent ones.

Considering all these details, it is easily understood that the pillowcase not only contributes to the appearance of your bedroom, but also significantly affects your health and comfort. Our rich collection of pillow covers in various sizes, materials and patterns offers solutions to help you add aesthetics and comfort to your daily life.

How to use a pillowcase?

The use of a pillowcase is quite simple; just slip it over your pillow and push the open part under the bed or towards the back of the bed. Thus, while keeping your pillow clean, you will also give your room an aesthetic appearance. To ensure that your pillowcase stays in place, you can elegantly tie the fasteners on the inside of the pillowcase towards the corners of your pillow. This method ensures that the pillowcase does not separate from your pillow during the night and thus prevents you from compromising your comfort.

Pillow covers generally help your pillow to keep its shape and guarantee a comfortable sleep. However, to understand whether your pillowcase is being used correctly, it is important to verify that both sides of the pillow fit equally into the pillowcase. If the pillowcase fits snugly against your pillow, this will help to maximise the protection of your pillow and increase your comfort.

Routine cleaning of pillow covers is also very important. When you remove your pillowcase, you can gently shake your pillow to allow dust and dirt to fall off. This creates a space inside your pillowcase where your pillow can breathe, thus ventilating and refreshing your pillow. Regular cleaning also plays a critical role in removing potential allergens and germs from your pillowcase, so it is recommended that you care for your pillow covers in accordance with the washing instructions.

A carefully selected pillowcase is not only functional, but also an accessory that complements the style of your bedroom. The options include a variety of models, such as grey pillow covers, black pillow covers, and patterned pillow covers in different patterns. Each of them offers the opportunity to reflect one's own style in the atmosphere of the bedroom. In addition, besides the standard pillowcase size, pillow covers are also available in special sizes, which allows you to find suitable options for your pillows of various sizes.

How often should the pillowcase be changed?

Experts recommend changing pillow covers at least once a week to ensure optimal hygiene and health conditions. In this way, you can prevent skin problems and have a more comfortable sleep experience. A clean pillowcase is of great importance for the quality of sleep as well as the health of your skin. When the same pillowcase is used for a long time, accumulated sweat, oil and bacteria can cause skin irritations and trigger skin problems such as acne.

Especially for individuals prone to allergic reactions, clean pillow covers are even more important. Regular pillowcase changes are essential to prevent allergens and dust mites from accumulating on the pillow surface. White pillow covers and light-coloured covers make dirt easier to see, so you can get a better idea of how often you should change them.

The use of a pillow cover liner can help you reduce the frequency of pillow cover changes because the mattress protects the pillow surface from dirt, dust and liquids. However, they do not completely replace the hygienic advantages of a pillowcase. Therefore, you should not ignore the benefits of regular cleaning of your bed linen and bed linen.

If you frequently use various cosmetic products such as face wash, make-up removal and hair oils, it is recommended to change the pillow covers more frequently, regardless of whether you are using a 50x70, 60x80 pillowcase or a standard pillowcase size, so that these product residues are not transferred to the pillowcase. Changing your pillowcase as part of your daily grooming routine increases the effectiveness of your overall facial care and contributes to keeping your skin clean.

At what temperature is a pillowcase washed?

The lifespan of a pillowcase can be significantly extended with the right care and washing conditions. The right washing temperatures preserve the structure of the fabric while preventing the colours from fading and deteriorating. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the washing temperatures in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations for linen pillow covers and patterned pillow covers.

When setting a specific washing temperature, you should consider the material quality of the cover and the type of pillowcase fabric. High-quality, white pillow covers can usually be washed at 60 degrees, while delicate coloured or coloured pillow covers require a slightly lower temperature.

In addition to the washing instructions, some pillow covers can be washed in cold water to avoid possible shrinkage. In particular, specially sized 60x80 pillow covers or covers with larger dimensions should be washed at specific temperatures to maintain their dimensions.

The washing temperature also affects the hygiene of the pillowcase. Dirt and germs that the pillow insert and cover are exposed to due to frequent use can be effectively killed at high temperatures. However, it is important to ensure that all covers, even those in standard pillowcase sizes, are washed in accordance with the washing instructions.

There are different washing procedures suitable for each type of pillowcase and material. Rectangular pillow covers may often have different washing instructions than standard sizes. Using the appropriate washing programme and detergent will help you maintain the texture and colour of your cover.

Black pillow covers or grey pillow covers made of delicate fabrics should be washed at the appropriate temperature and with the right products, as the use of bleaches should be avoided. You should also avoid ironing at high temperature to avoid excessive wrinkling of the fabric of your pillowcase.

How to wash a pillowcase with buttons?

To avoid damaging the buttons, pillowcase models with buttons should be washed upside down. Buttons are details that enhance the elegance of the bedroom, but they require special attention when washing. Making sure that the buttons of the pillow covers are buttoned before throwing them into the washing machine will help to keep them in place and prevent deformation. At the same time, keeping the pillow covers separate from other clothes when washing will prevent damage to both the covers and other clothes.

If you have chosen a model made of delicate materials among our range of buttoned pillow covers, it is recommended that you consider the hand wash option to get the best results. Pillow covers with details such as perforated buttons and specially designed buttons can be gently brushed or cleaned with a cloth. No matter how robust the fabric of the cover, it is important to follow the washing instructions for the safety of the buttons and long-lasting use. It is advisable to follow the same steps for the bedspread.

The drying process is also an important stage in pillowcase care. Drying buttoned pillow covers outside, avoiding excessive heat and, if possible, naturally, will prolong their life. High heat can be particularly harmful to plastic buttons and can cause them to melt or become misshapen. If you want to dry them in a machine, a low temperature setting is the best option for the health of your buttons.

Finally, the ironing process should also be considered one of the stages of washing pillow covers with buttons. To protect the buttoned parts, we recommend that you iron the pillow covers at low temperature and with the buttons coming from the bottom. The steam and temperature settings suitable for the fabric of your cover are becoming more and more important when ironing, just as in the washing process.

Do pillow cover cause allergies?

Pillow covers made of non-hypoallergenic materials can cause allergic reactions in some people. For this reason, it is important to opt for our selection of mattress protector and special fabrics with low allergy potential. Especially individuals with diseases such as asthma or eczema should be careful about the possibility that the pillowcase fabric they use may trigger allergic reactions. In this context, pillow covers that are regularly cleaned and made of natural fabrics can offer an effective solution to reduce the risk of allergies. In addition, fabrics that prevent the growth of bacteria and dust mites also help prevent allergies.

Moreover, the care of IKEA pillow covers is also very important. Washing your covers regularly prevents allergens from accumulating and provides a clean bed environment. By following the washing instructions, you can contribute to the preservation of the allergy-protective properties and longevity of the products. Cotton pillow covers can usually be washed in hot water, while cold water and delicate washing programmes are recommended for linen pillow covers or varieties made of special fabrics. For allergy sufferers, it is recommended to use detergents and fabric softeners that do not cause allergic reactions.

When changing your pillowcase, it should be remembered that other duvet cover sets products such as bed linen and bedspreads should also be clean and free of allergens. All these measures play a decisive role in ensuring a comfortable and healthy sleep throughout the night, especially for allergy-prone individuals. IKEA offers a wide range of mattress and mattress protector options to meet all these requirements.

As part of our mission to create solutions that meet the needs of every individual, we focus on both your comfort and your health when designing IKEA pillow covers. In this way, you can be sure that you are safe when choosing from a variety of options such as grey pillow covers, black pillow covers, or special sizes such as 60x80 pillow covers and 50x70 pillow covers. With its fine fabric structure, soft touch and features that will protect your health, each pillowcase ensures that your sleeping area is hygienic and free from the risk of allergies.

Which fabric is the pillowcase made of?

The choice of pillowcase fabric directly affects the comfort of the user. For long-term and durable use, cotton, microfibre, and linen fabric types are generally preferred. Cotton pillow covers promise a gentle touch and coolness to your skin with their breathable structure, while linen pillow covers are the perfect choice for hot summer nights. Microfibre fabrics stand out with their softness and easy-care properties.

Ikea offers a wide range of sizes, including 60x80 pillow covers and 50x70 pillow covers, so you can easily find the most suitable fabrics for your pillow size. These sizes are usually designed in accordance with European standards and match the standard pillowcase size. Thus, the perfect fit of your pillowcase creates a complete foundation for your comfortable and restful sleep.

By browsing our IKEA pillow covers collection, you can choose the most suitable pillowcase fabric type and model for your bedroom and create a bedroom decoration that suits your style. Explore our collections of bed linen, sheets, toppers, bedspreads and pillows to complement your existing bedding and find everything you need in one place.

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