Laundry Dryers

As soon as a drying rack has done its job, it should just go away somewhere until you need it again. Ours fold up to make it easier to store them once they've turned your big pile of wet clothes from the washing basket into dry clothes. Many can be used both indoors and outside in the sunshine, too.

Practical laundry dryers

Laundry is one of the most space-consuming things in the home, even if it goes unnoticed. Therefore, it is very important that you have enough space to dry your laundry. With a classic-looking laundry dryer, you can easily store your laundry indoors or outdoors. Plus, most laundry dryers can be easily folded and put away. For extra-large bedding sets or towels, you can opt for folded laundry dryers and enjoy drying your items while saving space.

Get out of the ordinary

If your classic laundry dryer is not enough, you can choose a clothes drying rack with clothes pegs or a mesh laundry drying rack. Laundry hangers with clothespins help you hang your small textiles or socks without taking up extra space. You can also dry your baby's clothes by choosing a mesh laundry rack. A mesh laundry rack has small holes that allow air to circulate around the clothes and allow each textile to dry more evenly.

Both storage and drying

We have some solutions to make small bathrooms more functional. After taking a shower, use a towel rail to hang your damp towels. By placing your towel rail against the wall, you can hang your damp towels. Thus, you don't need to occupy your laundry rack for your bathroom textiles. If you wish, you can choose a towel rail with storage space and store spare towels, boxes with lids, or cleaning supplies that you want to have in your bathroom in an organized way. In addition, most laundry racks and towel racks made of wood have sustainability features.

New foldable hanger for small space drying

Lots of laundry and limited space? The SLIBB foldable hanging dryer with 24 pegs is perfect to dry socks, underwear, and small washcloths. By not using the drier, you’ll lower your energy bills and reduce the wear and tear of your clothes.

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With a laundry dryer instead of the tumble dryer you can reduce wear and tear, as well as your energy use.

How to save energy at home?

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