Let’s all get in the mood.

A christmas tree set up in the corner of the living room with colorful and glittering ornaments on, sparkling LED lighting in its branches, under it gift packages for everyone with ribbons and labels on them, wreaths adorning the walls and doors and carefully prepared dinner table with cinnamon and fruit scents all over the house are more than enough to revive the new year spirit, no matter what day it is.

The star of the night

Radiate the sparkle of the new year all over your home with star shaped lamp shades and various lighting accessories. You can own your special new year lamp by combining the star shaped lamp shade with a cord set to hang it from the ceiling as a pendant lamp or with a lamp base to use it as a table lamp. When the christmas tree, the shelves, the door tops and even the dinner table are decorated with LED lighting chains, it looks like you have a magical atmosphere at home.

Yeniyıl Aydınlatma

Scent of the new year

While the smell of cinnamon, apple and orange muffins surrounds your home, welcome your guests with something irresistible. Bring out all the pastry cutters, baking moulds, chocolate moulds and all the other baking accessories to reveal your skills. Don't forget to get help from the little chefs to decorate the most important part.