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Pay with Credit Cards

Visa and Mastercard credit cards or virtual cards associated with your credit cards can be used on online purchases. Credit cards issued to corporate or credit cards and virtual cards lacking full support for 3D cannot be used for online shopping.

For online shopping İş Bankası* and Yapı Kredi* credit cards provide interest-free  3 installments for your furniture and home accessories purchases up to TRY 250, and interest-free 9 installments for your purchases at or above TRY 250. HSBC**, Akbank**, Ziraat Bankası**, Garanti BBVA**, QNB Finansbank** and Paraf** credit cards provide interest-free  3 installments for your furniture and home accessories purchases up to TRY 250 and interest-free 6 installments for your purchases at or above TRY 250. The options outside these installment campaigns will be processed as single payment.

In order to pay for online purchases at IKEA, credit card information is required in the masterpass payment interface at, which is encrypted with 123 Bit SSL certificate. You can complete your shopping safely by entering the password sent to your mobile phone after you enter your card information.

If the transaction is not confirmed, please report the error code provided on the screen to your bank. If you do not have a 3D Secure password, you can get one in just a few minutes by following the instructions provided.

Interest-free campaigns are valid between November 15, 2021 - August 31, 2022.

*   - For all İş Bankası Maximum featured credit cards, Maximum Card, MercedesCard, Maximiles, İş’te Üniversiteli, Maximum Genç Kart and business credit cards. Transactions including Maximum Fırsat and redeeming MaxiPuan are not included in the campaign.
      - For all Yapı Kredi credit cards, Vakıfbank, Albaraka ve Anadolu Bank Individual Worldcard’s.
** - For all HSBC Credit Cards.
      - For all original/joint card holders with Axess, Wings, Free, Axess Business, Axess Kobi and Wings Business can benefit from 6 installments. Maximum of 4 installments can be made with Bank’O Card Axess.
      - For all BankKart, BankKart Genç and BankKart Başak cards issued by Ziraat Bankası.
      - Garanti BBVA credit cards and all bonus cards of Bonusnet banks are included in the campaign. Purchases made with Term Installment, Garanti Corporate, Filo Flexi and Türkiye Finans Happy Zero cards are not included in the campaign.
      - For all personal and business cards issued by QNB Finansbank.
      - The campaign includes Paraf, Parafly, Parafree, Paraf Business, Paraf Esnaf, Paraf SME, Eczacı Paraf, Eczacı Paraf SME, virtual and supplementary cards. Transactions made using ParafPara, cancellation and refund transactions are not included.

Pay with Debit Cards

You can also use your debit cards for online shopping. In order to use debit cards for online transactions, your cards must be available for online purchases. Please contact your bank to enable your cards to perform e-commerce transactions and to be authorized in 3D Secure system.

Pay with Masterpass

With Masterpass enjoy the checkout on your online shopping with just a click, without filling out your information every time you shop. For security reasons, in your first purchase you need to verify with your single-use password sent to your registered mobile phone in the bank of your card in your Masterpass account. Thus, you do not have to share your card information stored with the MasterCard infrastructure, with any merchant every time you shop, and you can easily complete your shopping without re-entering card information.

Pay with BKM Express

BKM Express is a free service that provides secure, fast, easy and enjoyable online shopping experience without sharing your card information. If you are a credit card owner you can sign up to BKM Express and continue to benefit from all installment and gift/point campaigns that your bank offers.

If you choose to pay with BKM Express you will be forwarded to You need to log in with the same user name and password which you created for your BKM Express account. You can easily check out by choosing your credit card and payment type on the payment page. Payments with BKM Express are completed with 3D Secure PIN as for all credit cards. As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll automatically return to

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