A crisp scent of fresh herbs.

Suitable when you want to create a gentle and bright atmosphere of a new start at home, inspired by the first days of spring.

Use the blank deco label to personalise your candle or to write a greeting if you give it as a gift.

At least 70% of the wax in this product is renewable rapeseed wax.

The candles have the same beautiful colour and pleasant scent during their entire burning time, as they are coloured through and scented through.

When the candle has burnt itself out, you can use the glass to store small things, put it on display or use it as a tealight holder.

Article Number 105.388.73

PRAKTRÖNN Scented Candle in Glass, Yellow-Brown Product Information

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IKEA - PRAKTRÖNN, scented candle in glass, yellow-brown, 40 hr

PRAKTRÖNN Scented Candle in Glass, Yellow-Brown Product Information


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