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Block candles, which have an important place in home decoration, find a special place in IKEA's rich product range. These candles offer excellent options for both lighting and decorative purposes. IKEA block candles in the candles category are ideal for creating harmony and warmth in your modern and classic spaces. Adding a white block candle or a black block candle to a minimalist room can add elegance and refinement.

White block candles also add a distinctive ambience to workplaces or special events. Large block candles positioned in the centre of the table for a business or romantic dinner also create an atmosphere that matches the theme of the gathering. Scented block candles are specially designed products and contain various natural flavours such as lavender and vanilla. Thanks to these products, you can create a relaxing environment with a soothing scent.

3-piece block candle sets add visual mobility and depth with their different sizes. Such sets add a modern touch to your decoration and make your room more interesting with the play of light and shadow. If you are looking for simplicity and elegance in your decoration, you can achieve a harmonic look by choosing candles of different sizes in similar colour tones.

Not only traditional candles, but also modern lighting solutions such as LED candles. LED candles mimic the warm light of a real candle and are safe to use without any fire hazards. This convenience is a great advantage for families with children and pets. Thanks to the environmentally friendly approach, these candles are energy efficient and long-lasting, so you can contribute to both your budget and nature.

Block candle types that will add warmth to your home

IKEA offers block candles in different sizes and colours. Large block candles are ideal for large rooms, while 3-piece block candle sets offer different sizes that you can use anywhere. You can also decorate your space with colour options such as white block candles and black block candles. Other alternatives that attract attention among decorative candles are products with bright and vibrant colours. Bright and vibrant colours can be preferred for young people's rooms or modern living spaces.

Cylinder white candles, which stand out with their minimalist and simple designs, provide an elegant and sophisticated look. Block candles, which can be used alone or in groups, easily adapt to any interior design. It is a long perfect choice for making a stylish presentation on your tables. On the other hand, there are scented block candles that you can choose for a relaxing bath experience.

Each block candle is meticulously produced and offers a long burning guarantee by using the highest quality materials. Whether for everyday use or special occasions; block candles are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or romantic dinners. With these products, it is possible to create both a visual and atmospheric transformation in your spaces.

Whether you are decorating your living room, dining room or bedroom, you can create depth and interest with block candles of different heights. IKEA is at the forefront with the variety it offers in this category, with options that appeal to every taste and need. With colour options suitable for the seasons, you can renew your spaces in accordance with seasonal changes.

Reflecting Scandinavian-style minimalism, IKEA block candles add a different atmosphere to your modern living spaces with their simple and clean lines. Adding a modern elegance to any space, these candles are one of the easiest ways to add extra character and style to any room. Black block candles blend perfectly with dark coloured furniture, adding to the charm of the environment.

The main function of block candles is illumination, which emits a smooth and soft light, making the environment more inviting and warmer. These products can create a perfect optical illusion, making any room appear larger and more open. Thanks to functional and aesthetic products, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

What are block candles for?

Block candles not only provide illumination but also make an aesthetic contribution to your home. The light and warm light created by these candles provides an ideal environment to relax in the evening and relieve the stress of the day. With scented block candles, you can spread a pleasant scent in your home and welcome your guests with an impressive atmosphere.

Block candles also play an indispensable role in spiritual activities such as meditation and yoga. Their soft light facilitates focus and relaxes the mind during meditation. Scented block candles, on the other hand, contain natural essences such as lavender and sandalwood that provide deep relaxation and tranquillity, thus deepening your meditation experience.

Another important use of IKEA block candle varieties is special day celebrations. White block candles or black block candles positioned on the table for birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebration add sophistication to the space. These products turn into an impressive decoration element and make your special days even more memorable.

Block candles are often preferred to create a romantic atmosphere at home dinners. A meal eaten on the dining table under the light of just a few candles offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of the monotony of everyday life. 

Block candles are also used at events and meetings to add an exclusive touch to the atmosphere. Large block candles provide a striking illumination in large spaces, which is a decorative eye-catcher. In addition to all these, you can use a block candle set to display candles of different sizes and colours together, giving your space a dynamic look.

3-piece block candle sets create a visual rhythm thanks to their different heights and provide an eye-catching arrangement. These sets can easily harmonise with any interior design. Large candles stand out as an effective lighting solution in areas designed in a modern style.

Block candles offer an alternative option for lighting and can be a practical and quick solution in case of a power outage. In emergencies, these candles also act as a safe source of light, allowing you to safely do whatever work is required without being in the dark.

How should block candles be stored?

For long-lasting use, you should store your block candles in a cool, dry place. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be kept away from flammable materials. Thus, your candles will burn more effectively and maintain their aesthetic appearance. Storing your block candles in closed boxes that do not absorb moisture prevents the structure of the candle from deteriorating and extends its service life.

Another important point when storing block candles is to avoid temperature changes. Since the melting point of candles is low, sudden temperature changes can cause the shape of the candles to deteriorate. Therefore, it will be useful to store your block candles in air-conditioned environments during the summer months. The ideal storage temperature usually varies between 18-22 degrees.

It is also important to protect your candles from physical damage when storing them. Scratching and deformation can occur when block candles come into contact with each other. For this reason, wrapping each candle individually with a soft material is ideal for long-term storage. Storing them horizontally prevents bending and deformations for long block candles.

If you are not going to use your block candles for a long time, it is recommended to wrap them in a breathable material such as paper instead of plastic. Plastic materials trap the moisture that condenses on the candles, which can lead to a loss of quality over time. Paper, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and keeps the candles healthier.

When storing block candles, it is also necessary to prevent odour transfer or loss. If you have scented block candles, keeping them separate from unscented candles prevents scent mixing. In this way, scented candles can retain the original aroma from which they were produced and have the expected effect when used.

Before using your block candles, it is important to review the storage conditions and check for any signs of damage. Using damaged candles can reduce burning efficiency and lead to unexpected situations. A well-kept candle offers maximum performance and safety with every use.

How to decorate a block candle?

Block candles are perfect for different decorating ideas with various accessories. By arranging many different candles, you can add a new atmosphere to your space on special occasions or for everyday use. An elegant candle arrangement on a dining table can add a romantic atmosphere to your dinners. You can use block candles of various sizes in these arrangements, and you can achieve a natural look by placing small ornamental plants or stones between them.

As another decoration suggestion, you can group block candles according to their colours and sizes. You can create a modern style by combining white and black block candles. By placing these candles in transparent glass jars, you can create a different ambience in the room with its reflected light. You can also use decorative candle plates and tealight candles to display block candles in a safe and stylish way.

For seasonal decorations such as autumn and winter, you can use scented block candles to make the atmosphere of your home warm and inviting. With scents such as vanilla, cinnamon or pine, these candles bring the spirit of the season into your home. During the Christmas season, you can use red and green block candles with pine branches and ornaments to create a themed decoration.

For creative decorating ideas, you can combine block candles with different surface textures. Sprinkling sand or small stones on a wooden plate and placing white block candles on top creates a natural and rustic look. This type of decoration is also ideal for creating a SPA-like bathroom atmosphere.

Keep block candles away from flammable materials and do not leave them unattended. Placing candles on stable and flat surfaces instead of soft surfaces will prevent a possible accident. By choosing IKEA's quality and safe candle holders, you can ensure both aesthetic and safe use.

Can the block candle be cleaned?

The surface of block candles may become covered with dust and dirt over time. In this case, gently wiping with a damp cloth will be sufficient to clean the surface of the candle. The microfibre type of cloth to be used during cleaning gives more effective results. This type of cloth collects dust and dirt better, so the surface of your block candle will not be scratched and damaged. Removing the dust accumulated on the candles also increases the combustion efficiency. Thus, it burns longer and provides a cleaner flame.

Another important point to be considered during candle cleaning is that the candles must be completely cooled. Trying to clean candles that are not cold can cause both further contamination of the surface and serious burns. For ideal cleaning, it is healthiest to clean the candles after a few hours, not immediately after use. Cooled candles are less fragile and dirt adhering to the surface can be removed more easily.

Cleaning the surface of candles is also a safety issue. A dirty candle can cause irregular flare-ups when burning, and in extreme cases can even catch fire. Therefore, cleaning not only preserves the appearance, but also ensures the safety of your home. In addition to surface cleaning, the accessories that support block candles should also be cleaned. Candle holders in the accessories category increase safety by ensuring that the candles burn more stably.

The substances that should never be used during the cleaning process are solvent-based and abrasive cleaners. Such substances can damage the surface of block candles and spoil the aesthetic appearance of the candle. The best materials to be used for surface cleaning are hot water and mild soap solution. This solution effectively removes dirt and dust accumulated on the surface of the candle and does not damage the structure of the candle. It is important to dry the candles thoroughly after cleaning, as residual moisture can stain the surface of the candles or affect the burning process.

What should be considered when choosing a block candle?

When choosing a block candle, you should first determine the purpose for which you will use it. If you want long-term use, you should choose large block candles. If you want an aromatic effect, scented block candles will be the ideal choice. When making your choice, you should also pay attention to the size and shape of the candle. Cylinder white candles may be more suitable for small and medium-sized spaces, while large block candles may be more suitable for large and open spaces. This allows you to get the best result both aesthetically and functionally.

The burning time and quality of the block candle you buy are also of great importance. IKEA's block candles are made from high-quality materials with a long burning capacity, making them ideal for long-term use. Candles with a longer burning time reduce the need for frequent replacement and are a more economical option.

Colour choice is also an important part of block candle preferences. White block candles fit in with almost any decor, while black block candles are ideal for more modern or minimalist decor. The choice of colour can greatly affect the overall atmosphere of the space.

Depending on your intended use, you can choose between a block candle set or single candles. Candles in a set offer a more impressive decorative appearance when grouped together and are generally more cost-effective. Single candles, on the other hand, can be suitable for more specific uses. In the IKEA block candle category, you can find varieties for every taste and need, and enrich your spaces with these special products.

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