You can create a room divider by attaching one of the shorter sides of the wardrobe to the wall.

This wardrobe is open yet it creates privacy thanks to a fixed wall on one side and a sliding door on the other.

Slide the door open to access your hanging clothes from either side of the wardrobe.

Slide the door to the other side to access your belongings on the shelves. Why not use the shelves to display some of your favourite objects?

NORDKISA series in bamboo coordinates beautifully with both our NORDLI and ELVARLI storage series.

Article Number 004.394.68

NORDKISA Clothes Storage, Bamboo Product Information

Measurements and Package Details

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Fast growing bamboo

Multifunctional NORDKISA wardrobe is more than just a statement piece. It’s made from bamboo. This is a fast, naturally re-growing grass which rarely needs to be replanted once cut down. When young, some species can grow up to a meter a day. Hard bamboo is durable and stable so we try to use it when we can – like when making this wardrobe. Naturally stylish.

Other Functions

IKEA - NORDKISA, clothes storage, bamboo, 120x186 cm

NORDKISA Clothes Storage, Bamboo Product Information


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