1. Separate your space but stay social

Use some airy shelves that double as extra storage space. You don’t need a wall, just attach the posts to the ceiling. Keep clutter hidden in boxes with lids. An extra coffee and side table is easy to pull out when guests come over.

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2. Get flexible with a movable green screen

Pimp a clothes rail with climbing plants (one with wheels is a plus so you can move it around). Use your favourite species or mix and match different greens in flower pots and plants. Fasten a few vines to the top bar with thread.

3. Personalise and partition with deco

Display your favourite things and divide the room at the same time. Fasten wire mesh frames to a curtain rod hanging from the ceiling and use the clips to attach your stuff. Use colour to highlight the different ‘rooms’ — we went with grey and light green.

4. Divide for deep(er) focus

Create a semi solid wall with a smart storage unit. This KALLAX shelf is accessible from both sides, but you still get the feeling of two independent ‘rooms’. Use different inserts to organise your stuff and free up desk space.

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5. Use fabric to split an on/off bedroom

Fasten some fabric to a curtain rod attached to the ceiling. Close the curtain to retreat from the world (and your room mate). In the day, two compact sofa sections form a seating area. When night falls, grab the stored bedding and fold out the beds.

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A calm oasis in the middle of the city

Do you live in the city and long for nature? With these simple, space-saving and planet-loving tips, you can bring the lush island life to your own balcony, surround yourself with greenery and watch yourself bloom.

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