Open Shelving Unit, white/aspen 3,299 Add to Basket


wooden chair, birch 3,399 Add to Basket


2-seat sofa-bed, ransta natural 12,499 Add to Basket


coffee table on castors, white 1,999 Add to Basket

A living room with hidden assets

Before this living room is made over, there’s not much that gives away that it can host a whole family overnight. Everything is set for socialising in comfortable sofas by a low table. But there’s more than meets the eye.

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storage with compartments, white 489 Add to Basket


hat and coat stand, white 1,299 Add to Basket


pillowcase, white/black 109 Add to Basket


double quilt cover and 2 pillowcases, white/black 1,199 Add to Basket


double quilt cover and 2 pillowcases, grey-striped 1,299 Add to Basket

Easy bedtime transformation

Folding down the two sofa beds side by side makes one mega-size family bed – ready to dress with comfy bedding. A few clothes racks around the bed help create a room in the room, giving your guests a little more privacy.

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More furniture with built-in flexibility



coffee table on castors, white 1,999 Add to Basket

Five tips for living room sleepovers

•A coffee table can be used as luggage bench or nightstand

•Clothes racks make great room dividers for more privacy

•Block-out blinds darken the room to let guests sleep well

•Clamp spotlights are ideal to get instant bedside lamps

•Soft storage bags are handy for keeping extra bedding in


clamp spotlight, white 649 Add to Basket

The right light to get comfortable

Let your guests settle in with a handy clamp spotlight at arm’s length. As LED light sources don’t get hot, you can even leave it on as a night light. A few empty sockets for phone chargers by the bed is also a nice gesture.

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“Soft storage bags are perfect for keeping extra bedding ready to go. Stow them away under a bed or on top of a wardrobe – handy and dust-free.”

Emma Parkinson
Interior Designer

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