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Shop gifts that welcome them into their new home

Boxes are being unpacked and the champagne is being popped. Now it's time for you to show up with an awesome housewarming gift. Because in the end, moving into a new home is a lot to think about, thankfully there's no secret to the perfect housewarming gift. Just think about what will help them get settled into their new pad best, and we've got a few ideas to get you started. 

Colourful housewarming gifts for kitchens, bathrooms and beyond

Put the warm in housewarming with fluffy throws, hand towels, tea towels and more. Check out IKEA textiles to find an affordable and easy way to bring energy into a new home. One of the more personal housewarming gift ideas is a decorative cushion cover. Go for flowers, stripes, solids, a picture of a cat – whatever floats your boat. It’s a way to help your friends spice up their new house.

Check out home textiles
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Little gifts that will make children smile too

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New home gift ideas, from speakers to remote control lights

When it comes to practical housewarming gifts, nothing says welcome home like new electronics. Think better sound, cleaner air and smarter lighting. With these practical gift ideas, you can help them jazz up their new space and make the most of their life at home.

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spoon, beech effect/round 67.99 Add to Basket


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Welcome them into their new house with gifts

A housewarming gift is always a special treat for the new owner. That’s why it's good to have a few ideas ready. For example, why not give a kitchen scale to help them start cooking right away. Or maybe a glass jar for storing their pantry goodies. Sometimes the best gifts are practical ones, like a serving bowl. Then they can start hosting guests from day one. They might even use it right then and there at the housewarming party!

Explore serving plates

Give the gift of a well-organised new house

After moving, it’s easy to lose things in the mess of open boxes. That’s why a basket makes for a perfect new house gift. It helps organise the space, creating a sense of calm. Help your friends clear away the clutter with baskets in seagrass, rattan or any other style. Find your favourite design and drop by their new home to help them get settled.

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What to bring to a housewarming party

Do you know someone who’s just moved into a new house and is throwing a housewarming party? Then it’s time to celebrate their adventure with some personalised gifts. Put together your own housewarming gift basket with fun IKEA accessories and home necessities. Or find that one thing that’s guaranteed to help them feel right at home.

From small items that make a big difference to big items that tie the whole house together, good housewarming gifts help turn four walls into a home. Check out the IKEA selection of decorative accessories, textiles and kitchen supplies to find new inspiration for what to bring to your next housewarming party.

Help out with practical new home presents

Moving can be stressful, so any presents that make life easier will always be appreciated. One great example is baskets. They can be filled with books, linens or toys. And before you wrap the basket, you can even pre-fill it with sweets, scented candles and other goodies to give the new homeowners an extra surprise.

Cleaning accessories also make a great housewarming present – especially for someone with a pet or a kid! These handy presents include washcloths, buckets and towels. They’re a necessity in literally every house. So if you’re debating what present to bring, consider keeping things simple and giving them bath towels or kitchen towels. It’s a way to lend a helping hand and add a little softness and style to the new home.

Discover new home gifts for the whole home

Welcome your friends, family and new acquaintances with gifts from the heart. A framed picture from that holiday you spent together. A new vase for the flowers you plan to bring. Or maybe just a few practical necessities for the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room.

Ideas for new house gifts to get inspired

Whether you’re looking for housewarming gift ideas for couples, first-time movers or new families, you can find exactly what you need. Moving into a new space doesn’t happen overnight. But the best housewarming gifts can quickly become a token of the exciting next chapter of their lives.

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