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Find baby gifts for new parents like toys, blankets, and more

If there's anything more captivating than watching a baby discover a new favourite thing, it's watching their family's reaction. Unlock their wonder with IKEA baby products.

Support hard-working parents with helpful gifts

Let's hear it for the parents of babies and toddlers. For all the love and reward that comes with raising a little one, there is also a lot of work to be done. That's why so many IKEA items are focused on making those hectic days of parenting a little bit easier. From comforting night lights and toys for little hands to snuggly towels, you'll find baby gifts designed to give busy parents a much-deserved break.

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Give a gift every baby (or parent) needs

Whether you're looking for new baby gifts or toys for a special toddler, the IKEA line of baby merchandise has your answer. Stimulate infants' senses with GULLIGAST plush play items. Get toddlers up and moving with UNDERHÅLLA wooden toys. Give new parents a helping hand with extra blankets and duvets.

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Make some memories with the whole family

For babies and toddlers, home is a place of warmth and wonder. There are things to explore and learn about around every corner. There are also familiar things that make them feel loved and welcome. Expand their imagination with soft toys, cosy textiles, and cuddly new friends they'll remember for years to come.

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Toys for new-borns discovering the world

This range of toys has been developed for small hands, wet kisses and new teeth, as new-borns discover the world around them and develop their senses.

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Is your circle of family and friends getting a little bit wider? Welcome the newest additions with a wide selection of IKEA baby gift ideas and gifts for new parents. Get snuggly with baby blankets and comfy textiles for the little ones. Encourage exploration (and keep it safe) with soft toys, mobiles, play mats, and baby gyms for new-borns. Get the toddlers giggling with wooden toys, stacking cups, building blocks, and colourful accessories. Give new parents an extra hand with cute night lights, baby towels and washcloths, child-safe dinnerware, and utensils, and much more.

Whether you're shopping for a first child or a fifth, there is something unique with every baby. IKEA baby gift ideas include fun items for kids and practical gifts that parents  really need. From stimulating toys to calming baby accessories to durable baby gear for hitting the road, you'll find gifts for every parenting adventure. Follow their journey from new-born to toddler with age-appropriate baby products. Shop for baby shower gifts, presents for toddlers, and helpful baby accessories for any occasion. Embrace the new arrivals with cosy, colourful IKEA baby gifts.

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