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IKEA-iyi hissettirecek koseler

Scheduling in some quiet time

With lots of different lives to schedule, finding moments for themselves can be a challenge. Early morning has become their precious time: a couple of extra minutes to get ready before the kids arise, or to chat in bed with a cup of tea and the crossword.

A “do not disturb” teenage bedroom

A walk-in closet is a fashionista’s dream, but not for this teen. Set within its three walls, rather than clothes, you’ll find her station of blissful seclusion – a desk, where she can read, write and create with only her thoughts or her favourite album for company.

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Together but apart

Identical in looks, not so identical in interests. Even at three years old, these toddlers’ personalities are shining through, from the way they play together to the way they play apart. While one prefers solitude, the other finds comfort in creating worlds with others – real, or imaginary. Tea, anyone?

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IKEA-iyi hissettirecek koseler

Getting energy from others

Art recharges her like nothing else. This can look like afternoons on her bed with friends memorising lines for the school play, or time totally alone, finding inspiration between the covers of a magazine.

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