A calm grey kitchen meets a colourful dining area

The smooth surfaces and straight lines of these fronts bring a neutral expression that’s easy to combine with other colours and materials. A dinette with graphic and colourful shapes offers a vivid contrast to the light grey kitchen, creating a modern and warm atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

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upholstered chair, Remmarn red-brown
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stool, lilac-pine
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plate set, matte light turquoise
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rug, green-off white
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Liven up your everyday meals with colourful tableware

Set your white kitchen table with red, blue, green or yellow dinnerware and enjoy the positive effect it has on your whole dining experience. You can stick to your favourite colour or mix different nuances – explore our wide selection of plates, bowls, mugs and glasses to create a truly vibrant table setting.

Organise your kitchen drawers and cabinets

Keep the inside as calm as the outside – with everything sorted into interior organisers, you’ll easily find what you need. And forget the hassle of stacking things on top of each other to fit them in – a shelf insert uses the entire height of the cabinet while protecting your kitchenware from wear and tear.

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chopping board, bamboo
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drawer organizer, white
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box, light pink
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glass jar with lid, glass
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A calm kitchen with a welcoming look

The modern and calm style in this kitchen can be perfectly matched with contrasting colours and materials. Well organised cabinets unclutter the worktop and create calmness and order. The light-grey fronts and the stainless steel appliances contrast with bright colours in the dining area, allowing for a contemporary yet playful kitchen in a very small space.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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