Use the entire height of the bathroom wall

Increase storage opportunities without losing the sleek expression. This high cabinet has integrated handles for a smooth look and offers convenient storage in a narrow space, keeping towels and other bathroom products out of sight. Mounted on the wall, it creates a spacious feel and makes it easier to clean the floor.

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A place for everything and everything in its place

Add a personal touch to a minimalist expression – display your favourite decorative things on open shelves. Arrange other items that you want close at hand but out of sight in a mirror cabinet or in transparent boxes in a drawer. When your everyday routines are done, you simply close them for a calm look.

Find the flow in your bathroom routines

Keep your towels out of the way but conveniently close – stylish hooks next to the shower make them easy to reach after you’ve rinsed off. Your personal care products fit perfectly in a multi-purpose storage basket that keeps everything in place. Simply use the handle to carry it wherever you want it.

Keep your laundry in one place

This handmade laundry basket made of durable bamboo is an appealing addition to the overall bathroom style – every basket is unique and a tribute to traditional craftmanship. Handily placed next to the shower, it will keep the clothes and towels that need washing out of the way until your next laundry day.

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wireless motion sensor, white
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The perfect light for your mood

A ceiling lamp with a timeless design brings a balanced general lighting to your bathroom. Add a lamp or two for precision work, like shaving and applying makeup. With a mix of task and ambient lighting, as well as dimmable lamps, you can switch the intensity of the light to suit your purpose. A motion sensor turns it on when you enter the room.

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bathroom wall cabinet
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wash-basin and cabinet, oak effect-white marble effect
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A well-organised bathroom with an inviting look

This small but personal bathroom, illuminated by great lighting, feels like a treat to your body and soul when you’re getting ready for your day or winding down when work is done. There’s room for all your things in cabinets, drawers and on open shelves, and the smooth and sleek fronts with oak effect and integrated handles create a modern and elegant bathroom that feels truly welcoming.

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Recreate the look – piece by piece

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