IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

All products in Kid's Playrooms have at least undergone the following tests:

IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Rigorously tested good quality for children:

IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Unleash your kids' creativity with non-toxic paints!

When creativity strikes, children may cover the bedroom walls with doodles, or even bite the blue crayon. But there's nothing to worry about since all MÅLA art supplies are specially designed to be safe and easy to use. They do not contain any toxic substances, and can be wiped out easily with warm soapy water.

MALA Series
IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Approved metal-free test for active kids.

PLUFSIG folding gym mat does not contain any metal parts or chemicals that are harmful to children's skin and health. Just let your child summersault and play freely and safely. When it’s time for a break, just fold it and put it aside.

IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Let children dig in with tableware free from harmful chemicals

All products for babies and children do not contain toxic heavy metals, BPA or DEHP.

KALAS Series
IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

The children's furniture we constantly want to improve

The MAMMUT chairs and tables have been around since the 2000s. Through the years, we’ve improved the products by reducing the material used and by making them stay ahead of the world strictest safety demands. When we realized that children like to take them outdoors, it was time for yet another improvement, to reinforce the plastic with UV protection.


We are precautious as children's safety is our top priority

When it comes to designing the safest space for children, every detail matters. Apart from non-toxic paints on furniture, our children's products also feature rounded edges to prevent injuries.

IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Comfortable sleep environment

• Safe and non-toxic paints
• Rounded corners and edges
• Safe bed frame design

IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Rigorously tested toys

• No small parts
• No harmful chemicals
• Passed the tear and stretch test
• Machine washable without losing shape or colour

IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Sturdy baby highchairs

• Rounded corners and edges
• Feature safety straps

Cosy sleep environment that grows with kids

IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Skin-friendly textiles for kids!

Traceable high-quality cotton with a soft texture. Do no contain chlorine bleach or harmful substances such as fluorescent whitening agent. Protect kids by removing all zipper pullers from children's products.

Children Textiles
IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Soft and save toys

Since the plastic eyes of soft toys are at risk of being dislodged, we developed better safety methods. Our soft toys have acquired even stronger personalities. With embroidered eyes, these cute friends are both safe and more characteristic. You can even wash your soft toy. After all, even best friends need a bath sometimes.

Soft Toys
IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Children's safety is our first priority

IKEA has zero tolerance for health and safety risks in children's products. We comply with the strictest safety requirements in all markets where our products are sold. In fact, we are proud to only sell products that we would give to our own children. Our children's products do not contain chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde and BPA. Nor does it include those associated with stain protection and anti-bacterial treatment.

Baby Furniture
IKEA Çocuk Ürün Kalitesi ve Güvenlik

Safety for children’s lightings

Children's lighting products have specific features to make them look safe and fun for kids. Children's lighting products are tamper-proof; in other words, the electrical and hot parts of the lamps are sealed so that tiny hands cannot touch them. Children's pendant lamps have shorter cords than other IKEA pendant lamps to keep them out of reach of children.

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