Side by side for size

Combining two big rugs side by side with the seam under the bed gives you a large, plush base for the bed that also transforms the vibe of the room by softening the acoustics. A low pile is a smart choice as it’s a bit easier to keep clean.

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Runners around the bed

Placing your rugs like runners around the bed is another way of adding comfort that softens your first steps in the morning. This solution makes hoovering under the bed easy – and taking the rugs out for an airing when needed.

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Choose the most suitable rug for your child's room

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A creative collage of rugs

Using the decorative aspect of rugs and making a collage around your bed can be a great idea. It emphasizes the bed as the centrepiece of the room and lets you add your own personal touch. Reshuffle whenever you want a refresh.

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“To access your under-bed storage smoothly, it’s best to choose flatwoven rugs  by the bed. Also, anti-slip underlays help prevent  slipping accidents.”

Magdalena Sjöström Interior Designer

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