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Keep yourself charged 

Online meetings and the thought that you must just get this one thing done can stop you from drinking and eating enough. So keep a carafe of water and healthy snacks on your desktop and enjoy feeling energised throughout the day.

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Schedule breaks and self-care 

Taking a break from your to-do list is beneficial to you and your work — it can do wonders for your productivity. Use an hourglass to create micro-breaks and savour a stretch. Or take a walk. You’ll soon enjoy feeling and working better. 

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Lift the mood 

Listening to music while you work can put you in a positive mindset and help you be more productive and creative. And if you’re missing company, use a Bluetooth speaker to switch from listening to a playlist to a podcast. Or keep your phone charged and nearby so you can stay connected to family and colleagues.

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Create a calm corner 

Carve out some time during the day for reflection and relaxation. Use cushions and throws to dial up the comfort level. And add a smart blind. Use its remote control to adjust it from your desktop and feel in total control of the mood and moment.

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