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"How can I make my home safe and child-friendly?"

It’s important that children have a space where they can be free to play, learn and be themselves, believes interior designer Mia Gustafsson.

A safe home

Keeping safety in mind is the most important part of living with children, according to Mia. In this home of three small children, she ensured that all large furniture and loose cables were secured to the wall. Safety latches were used to seal windows and to keep little fingers out of drawers and cabinets. “Parents can also feel secure knowing that all IKEA children’s products, like toys and bed linen, are thoroughly tested for safety and free of toxic chemicals,” Mia says.

An inclusive home

Once all the safety boxes were ticked, Mia’s next step was to add furniture that would enhance that welcoming family feeling. “I opted for fewer but bigger furniture pieces that could bring everyone together and serve a variety of purposes,” Mia explains. One example is the family-size dining table, which is used for everything from meals to homework and arts and crafts.

An independent home

Helping little ones to find and look after their own things from an early age was one of Mia’s goals with this home. She made sure to include storage that the children could easily access themselves, like boxes and hooks at a low height. “I also created designated activity zones, like an art corner and planting table, where everything the children need is all in one place.”

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IKEA-mutlu bir ev

A durable home

Last, but not least: a heavy-duty home that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life is essential for a family with little ones. Mia made sure that all delicate objects were out of children’s reach, and chose a sofa with removable, washable covers. She also added floor protectors in the “high creativity” corners to keep the floors free of accidental expressionism!

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That family-friendly feeling

Larger pieces of furniture ensure there's room for everyone to join in on the fun.

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