sheer curtains, blue-yellow
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coffee table, black/marble effect
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Changing the look with a touch of a button

Creating and changing the look and atmosphere is super easy here, thanks to these IKEA smart home light bulbs. You can turn them on and off, dim them and change their colour with a remote control so you don’t even have to get up from your sofa.

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cord set, beige
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LED bulb E27, Light colour: Dimmable
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remote control, white
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black frame, black
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tv bench, black-oak veneer
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Modern tech meets modern style

Here’s proof that you can enjoy the benefits of technology without compromising on beautiful décor. A sleek, modern-style TV bench takes care of all the tech boxes and cables, while an elegant speaker lamp connected to your Wi-Fi plays your favourite tunes. Then you can combine atmospheric lighting from these dimmable, colour changing bulbs with the music and create just the right mood for the moment!

Comfort and vibrant colour

More than just generous and comfy, the warm colour of this modern-style seating plus its light, airy design brings joy to the room. It’s modular – you can combine the sections to get a sofa with a size and shape to suit your space. A scented candle stands ready to add to the relaxing atmosphere with its cosy light and evocative fragrance.

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Instant atmosphere – cosy candlelight plus lots of lovely scents

Treats for your eyes and ears

You can control light and sound. This sheer curtain lets the daylight shine in and produces a beautiful effect with colour, while also giving you privacy during the day. The sound absorbing panels add a soft, cosy textile touch to the wall and help keep the sound in the room at a comfortable level.

Wheel things over to where you need them

The mood-boosting red colour and modern style of this side table match the vibe of this room perfectly. It’s a very practical type of storage, too, especially when you have friends around, as you can wheel glasses, snacks and so on over to wherever they’re needed.

A tower of stylish storage

This sleek cabinet coordinates perfectly with the TV bench and, with its thin lines and inset door, strengthens the modern style. It also gives you lots of storage space to help prevent clutter. Thanks to the glass door, you can display favourite objects, like the glasses shown here, while keeping dust away.


LED bulb E27, Light colour: Dimmable
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A room that will always brighten up your day

These pouffes make great extra seating for visitors. Their eye-catching but simple shape really suits the vibe in this modern-style living room full of joyful colours, comfort and details that give your senses a treat and give you a little lift, every day.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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