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This set contains 64 cards with numbers, symbols and lower- and upper-case letters. Some of the most common letters are found twice so that little ones can build different words or short sentences.

Since the alphabets of many languages have special letters (such as å, ä and ö in Swedish), there are also blank cards with a pen symbol where you and your child can write your own letters.

You can use the cards to play different games like a treasure hunt or a letters and numbers race.

Easy to interact with or give feedback to smaller children through colourful symbols.

Helps develop memory through recognition, association, and repetition.

Laying out, stacking and pulling cards from the deck improves the child's motor skills.

Perfect for children of preschool age and in the first years of school.

Part of the UNDERHÅLLA series – educational and classic toys that help children learn the alphabet, the clock, counting and the connection between shapes and balance.

Article Number 605.521.59

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IKEA - UNDERHALLA, play cards, multicolour

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