Use with NEREBY rail to store things right where you need them and to save precious worktop space.

Hemp is a natural fibre, ideal for use in textile products. The plant requires low amounts of water to grow - and gives us beautiful and long-lasting textiles that feel soft and rustic.

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NEREBY Hanging Organizer, Natural Product Information

Measurements and Package Details

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Durability and beauty in one

NEREBY is a textile product that has both a soft and rustic texture. It is made from uncoloured and unbleached hemp and cotton. Hemp and cotton are natural materials with different qualities that can be combined to bring out the best qualities of both materials.

Designer Thoughts

"When designing NEREBY series, I wanted to create smart storage that would also bring warmth and softness to often bare and angular kitchens. I looked to traditional kitchens, campers and boats for inspiration and opted for honest and sustainable materials such as hemp. The most striking feature? Probably the combination of metal, wood and fabric that make the products simple and straightforward. I hope people appreciate these delightful additions in their kitchens."

Designer Charlie Styrbjörn

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IKEA - NEREBY, hanging organizer, natural

NEREBY Hanging Organizer, Natural Product Information


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