BONDTOLVAN alarm clock, pale pink, 8x9 cm, analog

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Keep track of time in a beautiful and discreet way. This pink clock creates a modern and cosy Scandinavian feel in the home – no matter what time zone you are in.

The pedestal the clock stands on is inspired by alarm clocks from the middle of the 20th century and allows you to see the time even if you have other items in front of the clock on the bedside table.

There’s an alarm to set to help you wake up on time. The buttons are in the back to keep the clock looking clean and streamlined.

A little bit louder now – the beeping alarm has four stages of intensity for a gentle, gradual wake up.

With a light press on the topside, you activate a 5-minute snooze function.

The tops of the minute and hour hands reflect light, so you can see the time in the dark without turning on a lamp.

Article Number 305.110.14

BONDTOLVAN Alarm Clock, Pale Pink Product Information

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"Most people have cell phones to check the time and we’ve forgotten how nice it is to have clocks at home when we’re surrounded by digital products. When I designed BONDTOLVAN, I wanted to create clocks with beautiful shapes and lovely colours. For example, I’ve given the analogue alarm clock a pedestal to elevate its height – and the wall clock’s simple, clean design makes it pleasing and easy to read. As always, I hope people feel an emotional connection with these clocks."

Designer Aaron Probyn

IKEA - BONDTOLVAN, alarm clock, pale pink, 8x9 cm

BONDTOLVAN Alarm Clock, Pale Pink Product Information


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