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This playful octopus is cosy to have by your side – a gentle press on the head is all that’s needed for it to brighten up the darkness.

The soft light is gentle on your child's eyes and is perfect as a night-light.

You can easily remove the lamp when the batteries need to be charged or when the octopus needs to be washed.

You can remove and use the lamp separately and let your child cuddle and play with the soft octopus.

Both fabric and filling for this cuddly octopus are made from 100% recycled polyester – from the luminous head all the way down to the ends of the 8 arms.

Goes nicely with other products from the BLÅVINGAD collection.

Article Number 705.169.34

BLAVINGAD Soft Toy With LED Night Light, Turquoise Product Information

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Designer Thoughts

"We’re all dependent on clean and vibrant oceans full of life. That’s why our work with the BLÅVINGAD collection felt extra important. When choosing the animals to focus on, we began by studying their appearances and expressions. Using sketches, we then decided what could work as a pattern, a soft toy or a print on a cushion. We hope that the playful products create a feeling of being surrounded by the ocean and spark curiousness about all that lives below the surface. When creating the textiles for the playful BLÅVINGAD collection, I imagined a magical underwater world where animals have their own personalities and everyday lives. I hope that my patterns spark your imagination and create a curiosity to know more about underwater life – and a desire to take care of our oceans and all that live there. Personally, I love blue whales, and the bedlinen where they’re swimming around in a crystal-clear ocean is my favourite. Which is yours?"

Designers Sissi Edholm and Lisa Ullenius

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IKEA - BLAVINGAD, soft toy with LED night light, turquoise

BLAVINGAD Soft Toy With LED Night Light, Turquoise Product Information


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