BARFIS hanger for door, white/birch, 99x28 cm

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Colour white/birch
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Your child can easily reach and use all the knobs since the height of the bar is adjustable.

Hangs on the top edge of the door – perfect for the bathrobe, bags and clothes that aren’t quite ready for the laundry basket.

Makes it simple for your child to quickly tidy things away and hang up the pile of clothes from the floor or bed.

The bamboo knobs are made of leftover material from our production of BLANDA bowls, and the durable natural material gives each knob a unique expression.

Article Number 505.271.27

BARFIS Hanger For Door, White/Birch Product Information

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IKEA-hos gorunumlu bambu en

Beautiful bamboo

Bamboo is a fast, naturally re-growing grass which rarely need to be replanted once cut down. When young, some species can grow up to a meter a day. Bamboo can be woven into fabrics or used for furniture. We use woven bamboo for baskets and lampshades and hard bamboo for boxes, chopping boars, table, chairs and more.

IKEA - BARFIS, hanger for door, white/birch, 99x28 cm

BARFIS Hanger For Door, White/Birch Product Information


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