Ideas - Home 3 - Adım adım: antrenizde kır evi görüntüsü
Ideas - Home 3 - Adım adım: antrenizde kır evi görüntüsü

A classic base

One of the wonderful characteristics of the modern farmhouse look is its classic black and white base. White walls? Go for it! We’ll be introducing some natural materials and textures in a few steps time that will warm up the space beautifully.

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A last minute look

Having a full-length mirror right by the front door with a pendant lamp above means you can always take one last minute well-lit look at yourself before heading out the door – day or night. An added delight? As hallways are often rather narrow spaces, the reflection of a large mirror creates the illusion of more space.

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Make the space you need

When there isn’t room for larger storage pieces, use your walls to their full potential. In this hallway, wooden racks with six knobs and a low shelf offer versatile storage space with country charm, making it super easy to grab what you need and go, go, go.

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You can never have too many natural materials

Why stop there? Now that you've added your clothes, you can go one step further with natural accessories like a flatwoven rug made from jute or baskets made from rattan. They both add to the natural hues and textures, and the baskets create extra storage for scarves and shopping bags.

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And we’re off!

Pull on a pair of wellington boots, grab a scarf and a hat, have one last look in the mirror and off you go on a fresh food finding mission to the farmer’s market, shopping bag in hand!

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