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Beauty is in the smallest things

Collecting fallen cones, leaves and bark on walks outside can be the start of a nice centrepiece on the coffee table. This birch display shelf is a natural statement in itself and makes an excellent canvas for your outdoorsy creativity.

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wall decoration, sedge handmade 529 Add to Basket


table/wall uplighter, black 1,599 Add to Basket


double quilt cover and 2 pillowcases, light grey-green-multicolour 1,399 Add to Basket

A wall of natural wonder

Wall decorations made of sedge, rattan, bamboo and such are an easy way to get an eye-catching natural backdrop. They don’t even have to be wall decorations to begin with. Placemats, baskets and box lids work just as well in the mix.

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Frames draw attention to detail

A single leaf in a picture frame is a nice decoration in all its simplicity. Especially in an all-glass frame hanging in a window where the sunlight playfully can shine through to reveal every vein, contour and shifting nuance.

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Suggestions for that natural touch



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scented candle in pot, white 269 Add to Basket


scented candle in cup, grey 209 Add to Basket

A whiff of the wilderness

Scented candles can also draw nature a little closer. Not least if you choose a candle with pleasant pine notes. Or why not a sweet, smoky scent? That way it’s not only the flame that stirs memories of nights by warming fires.

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Treasures in glass domes

Rocks you find when you’re out and about can be billions of years old. So, when you find a few you’d like to put on display, perhaps they deserve a little special treatment – like some glass domes that bring out their true uniqueness.

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glass vase, clear glass/gold colour 429 Add to Basket

A vase made for singular beauty

Vases are great multitools for all kinds of bouquets and branches. This glass vase is no exception, but thanks to its metal lid with a hole in the middle it’s particularly perfect for displaying the beauty of a single long-stemmed flower.

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