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Here’s what you need

•Frames for your pictures

 •A roll of paper

•Pencil, scissors and masking tape

•Ruler or tape measure

•Hooks or nails for hanging

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Frames for works of art created by little hands

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Pen and paper preparations

Trace your frames on the paper and cut out templates for each frame. Measure from the top edge of the frame to the hook or string on the back. Then, make the same measurement on the paper and make a mark with a pencil.

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Working out the right layout

Tape the templates to your wall in a configuration you like. If you want, you can try different layouts on the floor before you begin. It’s easy moving things around until you’ve found a nice balance. Then, mount hooks or nails through the templates where you marked them.

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The right tools for the job


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Premiering your picture wall

Once the hooks or nails are in place, remove all paper templates carefully so the tape doesn’t leave marks. Now to the best part – hanging your pictures. If you want, use a spirit level to get everything straight. There! All done.

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“Before hanging a piece of wall décor, choosing the right frame and passe-partout – or even layers of passe-partout – can really help refine the look.”

Frederick Allouard Rubin
Interior Designer

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Picture wall ideas to refresh any room

A picture wall is a great way to make any space more fun, personal and interesting – in a stairway or hallway, over a desk or bed, or perhaps as an exciting eye-catcher in the living room. But what style is best suited? Here are some ideas to help you get your pictures on the wall in style.

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