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1. Wardrobe wonder

Seeing your collection of accessories in one place helps you select easily and quickly. Secure three pegboards to the inside of a walk-in wardrobe. Everything is on display in its place even heels can hang on tool holders!

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2. Smoothie station

Want a healthy start to your days? We put SKADIS pegboards next to a worktop, so his nuts,powders and favorite recipes are right by the blender. And with clear containers, you can grab what you want without making a mistake.

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3. Craft collector

You love crafts, but you don’t want beads, supplies and artsy creations all over the place. Maximize the room with SKADIS pegboards on the wall and secure some to plywood on the side of a table. Bulky rolls of paper finally get a smart home in holders, too.

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4. Doggy depot

Keeping your dog's stuff all in one place and close to door would be very practical. To get things sorted, connect a pegboard to a shelf by the door. From treats to toys, all dog essentials are in one spot, including a towel for dirty paw days.

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5. Bathroom bestie

Move house a lot? If so, you know it can be tiring to relearn routines. With a pegboard in your bathroom, toothbrushes go in their container and the hair dryer lives in its bag—always in the same spot.

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