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Each shower makes a difference

Changing your shower head and handshower to water saving ones adds up to big results over time. Since there’s no noticeable difference in water pressure, the comfort is the same as before. While you’re waiting for the shower to get hot, why not save the water for your flowers?

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Boosting tap efficiency

A water saving mixer tap by the wash-basin is another way to conserve water and energy. Adding an ABACKEN mist nozzle helps you save even more. It’s easy to install and easy to use – simply turn it to switch between mist and spray.

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Smart picks when every drop counts

From mist nozzles and mixer taps to handshowers and shower sets, there are lots options with builtin water saving technology that can help you economise water usage every day.

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A musical shower challenge

Starting a favourite song on your Bluetooth speaker before you step into the shower, and trying to get done before it’s over, is a fun way of saving water. The trick is to choose a track that’s long enough to get clean, but short enough not to be wasteful.

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Which towel is which?

Hooks and rails can help organise the towels currently in use, so they don’t go to the laundry prematurely just because you don’t know how many times they’ve been used – or by whom. And of course, less laundry means less water.

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5 bathroom storage ideas for easy organisation

Good organisation in bathroom cabinets and drawers is a great feeling. It makes such a diff erence in fi nding your things and getting smooth-fl owing bathroom and beauty routines. Here are some ways to raise the bar for storage and organisation in your bathroom.

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