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The ceiling is the limit

In this small home, Joseph chose storage pieces that took full advantage of vertical space. By placing a large PAX wardrobe in the bedroom and choosing the rather unconventional home in the hallway for the BILLY bookcases, he created bigger, practical storage solutions for many items and collections.

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Monochrome camouflage

Restricting the colour scheme in your home can help make things look a lot more put together while also creating the illusion of more space. In this home, Joseph matched the wall colours to the furniture. He used the same trick with the smaller storage boxes, fittings and accessories too, making for a cohesive, unified look throughout.

Telling your story with open storage

When using open storage, Joseph suggests being super selective about what you display. So, decide what you want to display and spend some time organising it by colour, material, finish, pattern - the list goes on! It can be a wonderfully visual way to share your own story with whoever visits your home.

Storage at your service

There is an idea that if you live in a small home, you either need to pare back your belongings, or live in constant clutter. With this little, lively apartment, Joseph shows that you can have it all and keep it organised, even with limited space.

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