IKEA-5 tips for a relaxing setting 01y
IKEA-5 tips for a relaxing setting 02

1. Muffle sound with a mix of materials

Know your neighbor’s favorite tune by heart? Shut out noise and enhance your acoustic comfort with a mix of different soft textiles. Upholstered furniture, cushions and rugs all combat noise pollution and envelop you with a sense of calm.

IKEA-5 tips for a relaxing setting 03

2. Personalize with your favorite scents

Place your favorite flowers in a vase and some scented candles on a dish. These ones have a burn time of 25 hours. Whatever your thing, a touch of your favorite scent will add to your general feeling of well-being.

IKEA-5 tips for a relaxing setting 07

Create a space for your children to rest

See all children's furniture
IKEA-5 tips for a relaxing setting 04

3. Coordinate colors

Don’t be afraid to use unique pieces such as a handwoven rug or a contrasting cushion cover. Just stick to a harmonious palette. We went for a mix of blue and natural hues with accents in mustard yellow and metallics.

IKEA-5 tips for a relaxing setting 05

4. Create a welcoming atmosphere with varied lighting

Candle light helps reduce stress so light some tea lights. Want to sit back with your favorite book? Fix a cozy reading corner with a floor lamp that has a strong flow of light.

IKEA-5 tips for a relaxing setting 06

5. Declutter and display

Dial down clutter by choosing just a few decorative accessories to show off. Keep the rest in a cabinet until your next style change.

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