Sink Cabinets

Innovative and elegant designs among the sink cabinet models can become one of the most striking elements of your bathroom by combining functionality and aesthetics. IKEA bathroom sink cabinet models are designed with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind, making them the perfect fit for busy bathroom environments. The models in our collection come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to personalise your bathroom. 

Space-saving small sink cabinet options and bathroom shelf units in particular are ideal for tight spaces, so you don't have to compromise on functionality while maintaining style. The featured mirrored sink cabinet designs offer both a practical use and add a spacious and spacious feel to your bathroom. 

While the mirror is an integral part of your morning routine, the cabinet allows you to store all your bathroom utensils in an organised way. These cabinets, each made of water and moisture resistant materials, are ideal for long-term use. The sink cabinet model to be preferred should be compatible with the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Modern, minimalist, classic or rustic, whichever style you prefer, there is sure to be an option to suit your needs among our variety.

IKEA also produces bathroom sink cabinet models that will perfectly match the colour palette of your bathroom by offering different colour options. Our models with lighting options help you create a pleasant ambience in your bathroom, while our floor-standing, wall-mounted cabinets offer a modern look and make floor cleaning easier.

Our bathroom sink cabinet solutions with double sinks are ideal for double houses or families. It provides a practical convenience for bathrooms with heavy traffic in the morning and offers separate storage areas for personal belongings. In addition to cabinets, you can turn it into a complete bathroom sink cabinet set by combining it with additional storage units and shelves. It complements not only your storage needs but also the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom.

There are also large-sized bathroom sink cabinet models with many drawers and cabinets for large bathrooms. These cabinets allow you to store all kinds of bathroom accessories, cleaning supplies and personal care products in an organised manner. Alternatives with transparent door details allow you to easily see what is inside and allow you to quickly access the products you need.

For those looking for more than just a storage solution, our modular bathroom sink cabinet designs allow for customisation with interchangeable components and accessories. So whatever the dimensions of your bathroom, you get maximum storage space and functionality. Many of our cabinets also feature modern technology such as integrated sockets and automatic LED lights, making your everyday life easier and turning your bathroom into a relaxation area.

When choosing between sink cabinet models for every taste and need, it is important to consider not only the dimensions of your bathroom, but also the time you spend in it and the comfort you seek here. Our products, produced with high-level material quality and workmanship, offer options with high investment value in terms of both design and lifetime. Choosing a bathroom sink cabinet that will adapt to the dynamics of your bathroom and reflect your personal taste and lifestyle will significantly increase the beauty and functionality of your bathroom.

Sink cabinet models

Sink cabinet models are one of the basic elements that increase the style and functionality of your bathroom. In our wide range of products, you can find a variety of bathroom sink cabinet models that appeal to every need and taste. With both large and small sink cabinet options, you can find ideal solutions, no matter how large or narrow your living space is. We also have mirrored sink cabinet alternatives to make your bathroom look wider and brighter. For an ideal bathroom layout, you can browse the collections of affordable bathroom furniture sets with or without mirrors.

In addition to aesthetics and functionality, sink cabinet models made of quality materials promise long-lasting use. Our bathroom sink cabinet types, which are specially designed for bathroom conditions by using materials resistant to water splashes and high humidity rates, attract attention with their non-discolouring and non-swelling structures. Those designed with modern touches offer a comfortable experience to users thanks to their rail systems and soft closing features.

You can revitalise the atmosphere of your bathroom with sink cabinet models where you can find the perfect balance between visual richness and functionality. There are alternatives for every taste with glossy, matt, wood patterned or coloured options and elegant handles. You can choose from different sink cabinet sizes and choose the products with the most suitable dimensions for the width and height of your bathroom. In addition, we also have special design options that fully adapt to the dimensions of your bathroom.

Models with laser cut details that offer maximum storage space and aesthetic appearance together, sign a modern design with their decorative lines. Our products reflecting the warmth of wood bring naturalness and beauty to your bathroom, while bathroom sink cabinet options designed with minimalist lines emphasise simplicity and elegance. Each model is completed with carefully selected details considering the personal tastes and needs of the users.

In addition to easy maintenance and long-term durability, sink cabinet models that stand out with their environmentally friendly production approach also contribute to our environment. IKEA offers both quality and sustainable products by using energy-efficient production techniques and recyclable materials. These models, which can be preferred by those looking for a breath of fresh air in your bathroom, promise a bathroom experience suitable for every user.

What should be considered when buying a bathroom sink cabinet?

There are some critical factors to be considered when choosing a bathroom sink cabinet. The first of these factors is the material quality, which indicates the quality and durability of any cabinet. The durability of the cabinet in humid bathroom conditions is an important element for long-lasting use. Water-resistant materials such as laminate, solid wood or high-density fibre should be preferred. In addition, you can maximise the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by combining it with quality and stylish bathroom sinks.

A bathroom sink cabinet with a colour and design in harmony with the general decoration of your bathroom provides an aesthetic integrity. When considering cabinets in different design lines such as modern or traditional, minimalist or decorative, consider options that can be compatible with existing bathroom accessories and fittings.

Storage capacity is also an important factor. A cabinet that offers sufficient and practical storage space for your personal care products, cleaning supplies and other bathroom utensils is essential for an organised and useful bathroom. The ease of use of elements such as drawers, shelves and cabinet doors can greatly facilitate daily life.

The dimensions of the cabinet are also important for optimum use; for example, an elegant small sink cabinet that fits the dimensions of the bathroom may be more suitable for a small bathroom, rather than a cabinet that unnecessarily takes up too much space. Conversely, large cabinets in large bathrooms offer more storage space and functionality.

Products that are not easy to clean and maintain may cause difficulties in use over time. Therefore, sink cabinet models with stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces will make your life easier. Smooth surfaces and designs that do not allow puddling will help keep your bathroom hygienic.

Choosing cabinets produced using energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials can provide a sustainable life as well as cost savings in the long run. Eco-friendly cabinets make a beneficial contribution not only to your bathroom but also to the environment.

Extra functionality, such as integrated sockets, special compartments for electrical appliances such as hair dryers and shavers, or modern features such as mirrors illuminated by motion sensors, can increase your convenience and comfort.

By paying attention to the points mentioned above, you can choose a quality and long-lasting bathroom sink cabinet that best suits your needs and preferences. Remember that the right choice will significantly improve the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. So, take your time when making a decision and carefully consider all the options.

How should the bathroom sink cabinet be used?

Choosing the perfect bathroom sink cabinet is also important for the practicality of daily use. Cabinets are designed to store many different items in an organised way, such as various bathroom accessories, personal care products and cleaning supplies. A well-thought-out internal organisation system allows you to use your cabinet more efficiently. For example, adjustable shelves and removable boxes allow you to organise products by categorising them, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

The fact that your cabinet is resistant to moisture and splashes of water helps to preserve the form and surface of your cabinet in the long term. Especially the door and drawer mechanisms should be made of materials that are resistant to rust and deterioration in humid environments. The cabinet should also be easy to clean; therefore, the surfaces should be selected from smooth and easy-to-wipe materials.

The interior design of the cabinet should provide a fluid user experience that optimises the time the user spends in the bathroom. Features such as the sliding movement of the drawers and the ergonomic design of the handles are important for everyday use. Choosing a sink cabinet with a mirror in your bathroom offers the additional advantage of reflecting light and making the space look more spacious, while also being a useful functional element. Mirrored cabinets usually offer additional storage space and a practical appearance in horizontal or vertical dimensions.

The use of a bathroom sink cabinet should ideally be customised according to your personal usage habits. When planning the arrangement of your belongings and their placement in the cabinet, frequently used items should be easily accessible, while less frequently used items should be arranged in less accessible areas of the cabinet. Storing unused or infrequently used items at the back of the cupboard reduces unnecessary clutter and search time.

Height levels are important for harmful substances that children do not need to reach. In particular, items such as heavy cleaning detergents and sharp tools should be stored in closed and lockable compartments that are easily accessible to adults but inaccessible to children. In addition, a well-ventilated cabinet helps to prevent moisture from accumulating inside, thereby reducing the risk of mould and bad odours.

Don't forget to consider aesthetic values when organising your cupboard. Colourful boxes or decorative storage containers can enhance the interior look of your cabinet and make the storage space functional. However, no matter how much you improve the appearance, it is essential that everything is balanced with durability, functionality and safety. A good bathroom sink cabinet only possible if all these factors coexist in harmony.

Bathroom sink cabinet dimensions

The positioning of a sink cabinet in your bathroom affects the efficiency of use of the space. For this reason, it is important to analyse the physical characteristics of the bathroom and your needs in detail when choosing the dimensions of the washbasin cabinet. For example, narrow and high cabinets designed for narrow bathrooms help your bathroom look more spacious by saving space. In wide bathrooms, horizontal and wide sink cabinets offer more storage space and useful surfaces.

Choosing a bathroom sink cabinet suitable for the overall design of the bathroom offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The height of your cabinets should be suitable for the ergonomic use of users; it should be placed neither too low nor too high, ensuring comfort in daily use. The depth of the sink cabinet is also an important factor; too deep cabinets can cause the bathroom to narrow, while insufficient depth may not offer practical storage solutions.

Another important factor in size selection is the type of washbasin. Bathroom sink cabinet models with an open bottom display a visually light stance, while fully closed models provide more storage space. Considering the plumbing elements, you should also take into account the free spaces required for the installation and maintenance of your under-sink cabinet. In this way, you can easily access it in case of possible plumbing problems in the future.

Especially when choosing a small washbasin cabinet, the doors and drawer systems of the cabinet should be planned so that they do not conflict with other elements in your bathroom. Corner cabinets or asymmetric designs can offer good alternatives to make the most efficient use of limited space. Smart storage solutions and hidden compartments create extra places for your small items, improving organisation and accessibility.

There are many factors that influence the dimensions of your bathroom and the choice of a bathroom sink cabinet. The moisture and water resistance of the materials of the cabinets, the quality of the coatings and paints to be used, so that the service life of the cabinets should be maximised. Cabinets resistant to water vapour and temperature changes with various materials and surface treatments should be preferred. This not only provides an aesthetic appearance, but also ensures that your bathroom remains like new for many years.

Another important point to remember is that the installation of your bathroom cabinet should be done with accurate measurements and professional methods. In this way, you can be sure of the stability of your cabinet and minimise safety risks.

Each bathroom is different and each user's needs are special. For this reason, you can also turn to custom-made sink cabinets for bathrooms with non-standard dimensions. These individually designed models allow you to make the most efficient use of every inch of your space. However, custom-made cabinets can be more costly than standard models. It is important to find a reasonable balance by considering your budget and needs.

In addition to standard and custom-made sink cabinet models, you can also consider additional accessories to optimise the interior layout of your cabinet. These accessories will help you create a style that reflects your personal taste as well as making the interior of your cabinet more functional. Offering a combination of functionality and aesthetics, bathroom sink cabinet models can adapt to the needs of every bathroom. Small sink cabinet options designed especially for narrow spaces offer practical solutions to space constraints, while mirrored options for large bathrooms and mirrored sink cabinet models increase aesthetics and functionality.

Carefully designed for modern living spaces, these products are made of water and moisture resistant materials and promise long-lasting use. Bathroom sink cabinet types, which not only offer storage space, provide order in your bathroom and contribute to the easy maintenance of cleanliness. Thanks to the designs that will fit perfectly into the structure of your bathroom with suitable sink cabinet sizes, both visual elegance and maximum usefulness are aimed.

Appealing to every taste with different design and colour options, IKEA bathroom sink cabinet models are produced using various textures and materials, offering an alternative that will adapt to every decoration. Whether you aim to create a modern or classic bathroom atmosphere, the IKEA sink cabinet you choose can become the focal point of your bathroom in any situation. You can join those who prefer IKEA collections for functional and stylish sink cabinets.

The classic bathroom looks with sink cabinets

If you want to create a classic bathroom look. We have ideas just for you. Sink cabinets, which are among the basic building blocks of your bathroom, are among the furniture that largely determines the style of your bathroom. In addition to mirrored bathroom cabinets, you can add a high bathroom cabinet so you can expand your storage space. You can also hang your towels or place them on the shelves by adding shelves and hooks next to your sink cabinet. Don't forget to add a double-sided make-up mirror!


wash-basin cabinet, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-nysjon beyaz 50x65 cm lavabo dolabi


wash-basin cabinet, white-stone effect
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-enhet beyaz tas gorunumlu 40x42x60 cm lavabo dolabi
IKEA-godmorgon mese gorunumlu 80x58 cm lavabo dolabi


wash-basin cabinet, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-hemnes beyaz 80x83 cm lavabo dolabi
IKEA-enhet beyaz tas gorunumlu 60x32x60 cm lavabo dolabi


wash-basin cabinet, white-stone effect
Sepete Ekle


wash-basin cabinet, white
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-nysjon beyaz 50x83 cm lavabo dolabi
IKEA-hemnes beyaz 82x48x76 cm lavabo dolabi


wash-basin cabinet, white
Sepete Ekle


wash-basin cabinet, grey
Sepete Ekle
IKEA-enhet gri 80x42x60 cm lavabo dolabi

Calm, simple and balanced – unlike most morning routines

Experience simplicity at its finest. With its sleek design and harmonious colors, the new HAVBÄCK wash-stand creates a serene bathroom atmosphere. The soft-closing drawers add a touch of elegance, and you can mix and match with integrated wash-basins and countertops to create your ideal combination.

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