Round Cushions

Combining both comfort and elegance in home decoration, round cushions are very practical to use. These products, which stand out among the pillow and cushion options, appeal to all tastes with different round cushion sizes and styles. Our extensive collection of round throw pillows is designed with different texture and colour options, offering alternatives to suit everyone's taste and needs. Whether you prefer modern or classic style, you can find the aesthetics and comfort you are looking for among IKEA's rich selection of round cushions.

Stylish and practical, these products are designed to provide ideal harmony and comfort throughout your home, from living rooms and bedrooms to spacious lounges and small workspaces. Offering endless possibilities for minimal spaces, these cushions allow you to add an elegant touch even in small spaces. IKEA's round cushions are also functional, providing comfortable support and adding a decorative element to your interiors. Available in a variety of fabrics such as velvet, cotton and linen, there is a wide range to suit any decorating style.

Many cushions in our collection offer high quality filling materials that support the seating structure and easy cleaning with removable covers, increasing ease of use. These features make the products more attractive for families with children and pet owners. Designed to adapt to dynamic lifestyles, round throw pillows are also resistant to the wear and tear of daily use.

They are also perfect for seasonal changes; simply wash them and they can be easily replaced with vibrant summer covers or thicker, warmer winter covers. All you have to do is choose from the different sizes and patterns of round throw pillows to suit the season and your mood. Thus, you can easily change the atmosphere of your home.

Each round throw pillow has the potential to add an artistic expression to your living spaces with an aesthetic visuality as well as functionality. From modern graphic designs to natural motifs and even pop art inspirations, each design is a reflection of IKEA's aesthetic understanding. Our velvet round cushion models are ideal for those who want to create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. Button details or tassels in the centre add character and depth to the throw pillows.

The most elegant round cushion models

IKEA's round cushion options attract attention with their quality and aesthetic designs. Round cushions offer a style that can appeal to every taste. There are models suitable for many different spaces, from modern living spaces to more classic and sophisticated areas. Velvet round cushion options are designed using superior quality fabrics that offer luxury and elegance together.

Round cushion models with geometric patterns are ideal for those who want to add a modern and dynamic atmosphere. Designed with vibrant colours and interesting patterns, these throw pillows instantly liven up any room and offer a comfortable use. The round throw pillow collection is also known for its minimalist designs. Enriched with few and concise details, these products appeal to consumers who favour simplicity.

Colourful and fun round throw pillow models designed for children's rooms stand out as a safe and comfortable option. These cushions specially designed for children provide maximum safety in cases such as bumps or falls thanks to their round thrown jerseys. By using easy-to-clean fabrics, a practical use is offered for parents.

Round cushion models designed for different seasons facilitate seasonal transitions in your spaces. The cushions produced using darker and warmer colours for the winter months can be replaced with lighter and refreshing colours in the summer months. In this way, it is easier to adapt the decoration of your home according to the seasons.

In general, IKEA offers its customers a wide range of round cushions, giving everyone the opportunity to beautify their homes with products that suit their tastes and needs. Carefully selected materials and striking designs are indispensable features of the round cushion collection.

Why round throw pillows are preferred?

Round throw pillows provide better utilisation of narrow spaces. Thanks to its cornerless form, it takes up less space and makes seating areas look more spacious. Round cushions offer a comfortable sitting experience by providing support with its ergonomic structure. With these features, round cushions offer functionality and aesthetics together in modern living spaces. They are ideal for living rooms, studio apartments and even balconies with limited space.

The round shape also visually adds a softness to the space and creates a balancing effect in environments dominated by sharp lines. For this reason, it can be easily preferred in houses with architecturally modern and minimalist designs. The use of round cushions creates an aesthetic integrity while providing extra comfort without disturbing the general decoration style of the house. Since round cushions do not contain hard corners, zips and hard surfaces, they can be considered as a safer option in homes with children.

Another important advantage is versatile use. Unlike traditional four-corner throw pillows, round throw pillows can be used as a headboard, as an extra seat in the living room or as a comfortable support under the feet. Thanks to the specific round cushion sizes, they can be matched and harmonised with all kinds of furniture. Large-diameter round cushions can be used as a central point in halls or large living rooms.

The popularity of round cushions is directly related to the materials they are made of. By using high quality, durable and easy-to-clean fabrics, these products become more attractive. Velvet round cushion options provide a luxurious feel with their rich colour options and texture, while also providing ease of use.

Where to use round cushions?

Round cushions can be used in many different areas from living rooms to bedrooms and even children's rooms. Round throw pillows in our wide range of chair pads and throw pillows category combine elegance and comfort in living rooms. These products add both aesthetics and functionality to your different living spaces.

Round cushions are also frequently preferred in study rooms. They create a comfortable sitting area by providing ergonomic support for people who spend long hours at the computer. They also take their place as a decorative touch in special areas such as reading corners, libraries or art workshops.

Round cushions are also suitable for use in outdoor spaces. They can be added to seating groups on balconies, terraces or gardens, adding colour and comfort to your outdoor decoration. The models of these products made of water and sun resistant materials offer extra durability for outdoor use.

It is also very common to use round cushions for commercial spaces such as cafes and restaurants. These cushions, which make customers comfortable, contribute to the general atmosphere of the spaces and strengthen the visual identity of the businesses. A harmonious ambience can be created with round cushions in places with thematic decoration.

Round cushions also stand out for special occasions, events or celebrations. In special events such as weddings, engagements or birthday parties, stylish cushions added to seating arrangements offer a visual feast while increasing the comfort of guests. For such uses, specially designed, decorated or theme-appropriate cushions can be preferred.

Round cushions are also ideal for general use areas such as public areas or waiting rooms. In places such as hospitals, municipal buildings or shopping centres, round cushions can be used to make visitors comfortable and provide a comfortable session while waiting. This use draws attention as both a practical and aesthetic solution.

How to clean round cushions?

Round cushions are very easy to clean. Thanks to thr removable cushion covers, you can wash your cushions regularly and always maintain a clean appearance. There are also stain-resistant fabric options. Therefore, round cushion care requires less effort than other textile products in the home. Cushion covers are machine washable and remain as the first day for many years when washed in accordance with the instructions for use.

When cleaning round cushions, it is important to ensure the hygiene of the inner part. For this, you can use the spare cushion inserts you can find in our inner cushions category. In this way, you can use your cushions for a longer time by preserving their form and comfort. It is also possible to disinfect your cushion in a natural way by exposing it to the sun frequently.

Your choice of detergent is also important for the care of the cushions. Choosing delicate detergents with colour-protective properties for colourful and patterned cushion covers prevents the colours from fading and preserves the vivid appearance of your cushions. Choosing a low temperature and gentle washing programme when washing your cushions prevents the fabrics from fraying and prolongs the life of your cushions.

Cleaning of round cushions should be paid more attention especially in homes with pets. Pet hair and the dirt they can bring from outside can accumulate on the cushions and cause allergic reactions. For this reason, it is recommended that pet owners clean their cushions more frequently. By using antiallergic fabrics, you will both protect your health and provide a safer environment for your pets.

Cleaning of round cushions is also important for families with children. In areas where children use intensively, cushions can often get dirty. Choosing removable and washable cushion covers provides great convenience for such situations. Considering the health of children, you can clean your cushions using non-toxic environmentally friendly detergents.

Decoration ideas with round cushions

Round cushions are functional products that make a decorative difference. Available in various colour and pattern options, round cushions can completely change the atmosphere of any space. These products can be compatible with any type of interior design, whether modern, classic or avant-garde. A round cushion with vibrant colours can instantly liven up a plain and monotonous environment, while cushions in pastel tones can create a softer and more peaceful atmosphere.

Round cushions, which vary in size and texture options depending on the area they are used in, serve as visual accessories as well as functional. Offering a combination of simplicity and elegance for those who adopt a minimal decoration style, round cushion models not only create a simple and stylish look in spaces, but also emphasise their functionality.

Round throw pillows, which can be used in many different living spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms and even balconies, are among the elements that make the spaces look more dynamic and aesthetic. These throw pillows also stand out with the variety of fabrics and colours preferred to add a modern or classic atmosphere to the spaces. When grouped with several different patterns and colour combinations in large and open spaces, they create a much more impressive decorative effect.

Designed in accordance with the fashion of each season, round cushion collections offer excellent options to renew the decoration in your home. While floral patterns and vibrant colours are preferred in spring and summer, darker colours and geometric patterns may come to the fore in autumn and winter.

Velvet round cushion models offer a luxurious and elegant touch, helping to create a sophisticated atmosphere in classically decorated spaces. Velvet adds depth to spaces thanks to its light reflecting feature and offers an eye-catching appearance. This type of cushions are ideal for making the place look more glamorous on special occasions or when entertaining guests.

What should be considered when choosing round cushions?

When choosing round throw pillows, you should first consider the overall decoration style of the space. Appropriate colour and pattern choices for modern or classic decors are important to maintain the integrity and aesthetic balance of the environment. These choices can be critical for large living rooms or visually rich halls. Round cushions add visual depth to the space and should be in harmony with the seating groups.

When choosing colours and patterns, you should consider the colours of existing furniture and accessories. Vibrantly coloured round cushions can add dynamism to a room in neutral colours, while more pastel shades help to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you are aiming for a minimalist style in your interior, solid colours and simple designs can be preferred.

Round cushion size is another important factor to consider when choosing. The size of the cushion should be suitable for the dimensions of the area where it will be used. A large round cushion may look disproportionate when placed on a small chair. Conversely, a very small throw pillow may get lost on a large sofa or may not provide enough support. When choosing the size, you should pay attention to the size and shape of the furniture where the throw pillow will be used.

The lighting conditions of the space are also important for the choice of cushions. Products with colour guarantee should be preferred against the risk of fading of the throw pillows to be used in a room with natural light. The cushions to be used under artificial light can create different effects according to the type of lighting. While warm colours appear more vivid under yellow light, cold colours may stand out in white light.

In order for round cushions to be long-lasting, care should also be taken to the quality of the material. Waterproof or stain-resistant fabrics are very practical in terms of use if there are small children or pets at home. The filling material used in the cushions helps to maintain its form for a long time and increases the sitting comfort. You can explore IKEA's wide range of home textiles to find the most suitable round cushion for your taste and complete your dream home decoration with pleasure.

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