Roller Blinds

In addition to the light provided by the lighting products you use at night in the home environment, we use the light coming into our home from outside at all hours of the day to improve the use, aesthetics and atmosphere of our home with the help of the curtains we use in our windows. With roller blinds, the most modern, simple and functional of the curtain models, you can manage the light coming into your home from outside as you wish. Thanks to their mechanisms and designs, you can use roller blinds, which take up less space than classic curtains and are easier to use, in any room of the house.

Roller blind models

Roller blinds can offer a minimal and clean look, while at the same time offering many different functions depending on the area where they are placed. Roller blinds made of opaque and dark-coloured fabrics serve as blackout curtains, while more transparent and light-coloured roller blinds and folded curtains can be used like classic blinds. Sunshade roller blinds soften the light coming from outside, while adding a natural and friendly atmosphere to your space.

The use of roller blinds in the bedroom, which is the room where we want to control the light and privacy the most, especially in the morning, can change how you use your room. Depending on what kind of light you want to wake up in the morning, you can choose your roller blinds with adjustable heights, different materials and colours. By controlling the light, you can position your beds accordingly, you can wake up healthier in the morning with natural sunlight. You can also choose the model and pattern of your curtain according to the other home textile products in the bedroom. Although roller blinds seem to be a more modern option due to their design, roller blinds with soft tones and classic patterns can also adapt to your traditionally designed spaces. 

Roller blinds that perfectly fit the width and height of your window can also be more successful than classic curtains in light insulation. Roller blinds can also help you filter UV rays in a better way, as they provide more controlled light insulation. Some of the roller blinds can benefit you not only in light insulation but also in heat and sound insulation thanks to their structures, materials and designs. Especially honeycomb textured roller blinds can contribute to the thermal insulation inside your room.

Where are roller blinds used?

No matter which direction of the house your light source is, no matter how big your windows are; it is possible to find suitable roller blinds for your windows. However, you can use roller blinds not only to manage the light coming into your room, but also in different areas at home. The first of these areas is to hide your open shelving units, open wardrobes and other open storage systems at home. Open storage systems are designed to be visible and accessible, but when you want, you can effortlessly hide this area with roller blinds and aesthetically simplify the appearance of the room. Roller blinds can also be used as a practical room divider in living rooms or bedrooms used by more than one person. Thus, it acts as a functional room divider that takes up minimum space and does not further reduce the light coming into the room.

Curtains can be used everywhere in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, baby and children's room. In places accessible to children, you can choose roller blinds with hidden ropes to increase safety or roller blinds designed without ropes thanks to curtain pull rods.

Sleep all night with a new block-out blind with a secret

Want to sleep well without being disturbed by light from the street or from a sun that gets up before you do? This block-out blind should help. And the secret? That playful circular pattern is only visible from certain angles, giving the blind an extra interesting touch.

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