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Office chairs designed for the working area offer you a comfortable and healthy working environment for long hours when they are combined with the right office desks.  You can choose from ready-made office furniture sets consisting of a combination of desk, desk chair and storage unit for your office, or you can prepare your office by using a combination of desk, desk chair, drawer unit, bookcase and open shelf units suitable for your own needs. 

What should be considered when buying an office chair?

The office chair has many different features and when chosen correctly, they help you prevent health problems that may occur due to prolonged sitting. A good office chair should have ergonomic design and adjustable features. This means that the chair should have adjustable height, back support, armrests and other features to ensure that it has the correct sitting position. The adjustable height ensures that your feet are fully on the floor when you sit down, while the back supports your lumbar region. 

The armrests of the office chair help your arms to rest and reduce the risk of shoulder, neck and back pain. 

Office chairs are equipped with movable castors as many chairs have. The safe castors with a responsive brake mechanism hold the chair in place when you stand up and automatically release when you sit down. In this way, you can move easily with the chair and access different work areas without getting up from your seat.

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