Children's Chairs and Stools

In our category of children's chairs and stools specially designed for the little ones in your home, you can find colourful and useful options designed with their comfort and safety in mind. At IKEA, we offer a range of materials, sizes and designs to help you choose the most suitable children's stools for your needs. Providing your children with a healthy and ergonomic children's chair increases their attention span and the quality of the time they spend sitting. Experts emphasise the importance of choosing high chairs that are suitable for children's size, especially for activities that require sitting for long periods of time, which is made possible by IKEA's solutions.

Baby stools and chairs for young children provide a safe place for them to explore the world. Learning and play a critical role in children's development, which is why products such as IKEA's durable and easy-to-clean children's stools provide ease of use. From first meals to drawing, the chairs are available in a variety of designs and colours for all kinds of activities, engaging children and encouraging their independence. Swedish-designed IKEA stools always score points not only for their functionality but also for their aesthetic appearance.

The potential for long-term use of the product should also be taken into account when choosing a high chair for a small baby. IKEA offers adjustable and modular options so that a child's chair or stool can adapt to the child's growth stage. With these features, a chair or stool becomes more than just a necessity and will keep your children company for as long as possible. By choosing stylish products designed to match the overall decoration of children's rooms, you can give your child's room a stylish and modern look.

Every child is unique and each child has special interests and needs. From playtime to mealtimes, the necessary support and comfort should be provided for activities that play a key role in children's development. IKEA, a leader in its field in this respect, aims to be at the side of parents with specially designed children's chairs and stools to meet various needs. Simple and functional designs, safe materials and blunt edges ensure that children are always safe.

To improve the quality of the time your children spend at home, the range of children's chairs and stools at IKEA is constantly being refreshed to make life easier for parents and children. This furniture makes an important contribution to nurturing children's imagination and fostering independence.

As parents, you can provide a seating arrangement that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable for your child, allowing them to explore their potential to the fullest. By discovering these products that reflect Sweden's minimalist and child-friendly design approach, you can add an object to your child's room that will open a window to their imagination. Browse IKEA's extensive and colourful collection of children's chairs and stools for the little inhabitants of your home and make the best choice.

Children's chairs and stools

Children's stools and chairs, which are among the indispensable parts of children's rooms, attract children's attention with their colourful and fun designs and offer long-term use with their robust structures. The wooden stools that attract attention in IKEA collections offer natural and durable options for babies and toddlers.

Each of our children's chair models and stool series are specially designed to appeal to age groups and different usage needs. The chairs, which are sized to fit children's activity tables, have ergonomics that will increase the sitting comfort of children. You can also enjoy adding a personal touch to children's rooms with our different colour and pattern options.

Our special designs that support learning also draw attention with functional children's stool models for preschool and primary school children. Chairs with a pencil holder compartment for a small artist or extra comfortable cushioned stools for doing homework comfortably are among the products that children can use with pleasure.

Designed with safety in mind, our models have anti-tipping features and anti-slip foot coverings. Specially for babies, our baby chair wooden options with frequent intervals guarantee the safety of children while offering an aesthetic appearance. The main purpose is to ensure that children can spend time safely and comfortably on chairs or stools.

This furniture, which is important for their individual development, also contributes to the development of children's self-making skills. Easily height-adjustable chairs and stools allow children to move comfortably without standing up; thus, they have the opportunity to move more independently at the dining table or at the work table.

Our small baby chair options, especially developed for certain age groups, are designed in accordance with the physical characteristics of the little ones, while not compromising their comfort. Whether in the form of high chairs or stool models with firm footing on the ground, we offer ideal solutions for every baby and child.

Our highly portable options offer practical and versatility for situations such as picnics, garden activities or moving. Easily foldable and lightweight, these models make parents' lives easier and allow children to sit comfortably in different environments.

In line with our understanding of sustainability, environmentally sensitive materials are used in our products. Children's chair and stool models, which are produced by considering both aesthetic and ethical principles, are designed both with the health of your children in mind and with the idea of leaving a liveable world to future generations. These products, which we have designed for your children to have a comfortable and safe childhood, are also produced with a sense of responsibility towards nature.

What are children's chairs and stools for?

Children's stools and chairs are among the furniture that children can sit and get up on their own, eat comfortably and do their activities safely. Step stools make it easier for children to reach high places such as sinks, while contributing to the development of their self-confidence. The designs of these products prioritise ergonomic and safety features in accordance with the physical and mental development of children.

These products allow children to create a special space of their own with their structures that support skill development. In the first steps of their educational life, studying or drawing on a children's chair can provide them with great motivation. The related products are carefully designed to ensure that children are comfortable despite sitting for long periods of time and gain correct sitting habits.

Children's chairs and stools offer options for all ages and interests with models in various shapes and sizes. These pieces of furniture, which prepare the ground for children to come together and socialise during play and interaction times, completely eliminate the feeling of insecurity with their robust and stable structure. Folding and adjustable design options save space when not in use and can continue to be used as children grow up thanks to age-appropriate adjustability.

Thanks to their lightweight designs, children can easily move this furniture and accordingly strengthen their sense of independence. Especially during activities that require creativity, children's stools and chairs that offer comfort and comfort as well as free mobility gain importance with these features.

The ease of daily use of children's chairs and stools positively affects children's ability to focus and supports them to learn to use their furniture independently for their own needs. Choosing the most suitable furniture for children plays a critical role for their comfort and safety. IKEA guides families in this regard and offers a range of products that will contribute to children's personal development and creativity skills.

Children's chair features

Ergonomic designs are prioritised when choosing a child chair for the healthy growth and development of children. Thanks to features such as height adjustment, children can use the chairs for years and have a suitable sitting experience at any age. Children's chair models should have features that children can sit easily and safely.

Thanks to high water and impact resistant materials, children's chairs are suitable for long-term use. Providing adequate support for the back and seat helps children to maintain the correct sitting position. In addition, details such as rounding the edges of the children's stool can prevent possible accidents.

The use of environmentally friendly materials reflects IKEA's mission of sustainability. That's why the baby chair is made from materials derived from renewable resources, such as wood. Like entrance hall furniture, they are easy to assemble, allowing parents to move them practically anywhere in the house.

Small baby chair models are designed especially for babies' first sitting experiences. These models are equipped with additional supports for safe seating and have special designs that prevent babies from falling or slipping. Meal trays in some models make meal times more practical.

Safety is always a top priority, which is why high chair and stool models are tested for balance and stability. Sturdy base structures contribute to minimising the risk of the chair tipping over, while all materials are produced in a way that will not harm children using non-toxic paints and coatings.

Although the features of children's chairs vary, the common goal of each model is the comfort and safety of children. IKEA integrates this child-friendly approach into all product designs and responds to parents' expectations. Parents can easily choose the most suitable children's chair models for their children's needs and the one that best suits their living spaces.

Portability feature also gains importance when the dynamics of daily life are taken into consideration. Lightweight but durable children's chairs increase the flexibility of parents to travel with their children or use them in different rooms. This also applies to children's stools, as they can be easily transported so that children can use them in the space of their choice.

From ergonomics to safety, durability to environmental sustainability, IKEA's range of children's chairs and stools are designed to enhance your children's living spaces and increase usability. These products in IKEA's wide range of products help parents make the best choice.

How should children's chairs and stools be cleaned?

Cleanliness is critical for children's health and children's chairs and stools are items that require regular maintenance. Staining or soiling due to frequent use is a common problem; therefore, easy-to-clean and stain-resistant materials should be preferred. For example, plastic stools stand out with their easy cleanability and lightness. When cleaning chairs and stools, harmless and environmentally friendly cleaners that will not irritate children should be used instead of aggressive chemicals.

Prioritising sustainability and environmental awareness, IKEA aims to make its products easy to maintain. For this purpose, children's chair models with washable covers should be preferred. Thus, the covers can be removed and washed regularly and the life of the chairs can be extended. The natural shine of children's stools can be preserved by using special wood cleaners recommended for wooden materials.

During cleaning, the corners and edges of the chairs and stools should also be carefully wiped. Crumbs and dust that may accumulate here may lead to an accumulation of dirt that is overlooked by parents over time. For this reason, detailed cleaning is important both visually and in terms of hygienic standards. The chair legs should also be checked regularly to ensure that the chair is stable and safe.

In the case of children's chairs and stools designed with cleaning in mind, models that can be disassembled or have modular parts allow for deep cleaning. All these details are essential for children to spend time in a healthy environment. The cleanliness of chairs and stools is of great importance both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and this plays a key role in keeping a children's room clean and tidy.

What should be considered when buying children's chairs and stools?

Choosing the right furniture during the growth and development periods of children is of great importance for their comfort and health. The children's chair or baby stool to be purchased should be made of non-toxic materials that provide safety when getting up and sitting on it, have a robust structure against the risk of breakage or tipping over, and are made of non-toxic materials. Parents should consider not only aesthetics but also functionality and ergonomics when choosing a product. Designs that do not contain sticking or protruding parts and facilitate the movements of the child come to the fore.

It is important to remember that the selected products must be durable and stable in order to be used safely by children. Children's chair models and stools should be designed to minimise bumps and falls and should be made of easily cleanable materials. Considering the possibility of food and beverage spillage on them, it is important to choose products with stain-resistant and antimicrobial surfaces in order to maintain a hygienic environment.

The feet should be fixed and non-slip soles and should be manufactured to be resistant even to your child's active use. It will be advantageous for the children's stool or chair to be compatible with other furniture and decoration in the house in order to provide a visual integrity. Additional features such as height adjustment are a useful addition so that your child can use the chair or stool as they grow.

The height and width of the seat should be such that the child can comfortably place his/her feet on the floor and stay balanced when sitting. Small baby chair options made of resistant and environmentally friendly materials contribute to environmental sustainability as well as the comfort they provide. Such issues are increasingly emphasised by parents with the aim of leaving a more liveable world for future generations.

In order to get maximum benefit from the chair or stool to be purchased, it should be preferred that the product has a usability design in line with the personal needs of the child. For example, for an active child, more robust models that give freedom of movement are suitable, while for a child who spends time with artistic endeavours, designs with armrests or material storage areas can be advantageous. IKEA's wide range of products includes many models of children's chairs and stools to suit different needs and tastes.

Furniture that is specially made for children and designed according to their size plays a major role in developing their sense of independence. The fact that the furniture to be purchased is ergonomic for the child helps to protect the health of the back and spine by supporting their body posture correctly. For this reason, parents should consider the anatomical structure of the child along with aesthetics and functionality when choosing.

One of the most important issues when purchasing a children's stool or chair that children can safely use is that the product in question has successfully passed safety tests and is certified. Products approved in accordance with standards such as TSE and CE are preferred in terms of safety of use. It is important for parents to consider such safety and quality standards when making product choices. Since every child has unique needs, you can find children's chairs and stools that will offer suitable solutions to these needs in IKEA's wide range of products.

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