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One of the important details that every pet owner should know is their diet. As IKEA, we offer a variety of dog food container and dog water container to meet the nutritional needs of your animal friends. You can make your four-legged friend's day healthier and more comfortable by exploring the products in our dog food and water bowl collection. These products are specifically designed for different needs. They are diversified as more compact and easy-access models for small breed dogs and more durable and large-volume alternatives for large breed dogs.

Protecting the health of your pets is also important to us. That's why all our dog food and water bowl products are designed to reassure you about the quality and longevity of the materials used. Our steel dog food bowl options can be easily cleaned as they are made of stainless steel and offer years of use. Offering an aesthetically rich look, our ceramic dog container can also add a stylish touch to your home decoration. These are often preferred by pet owners for their easy cleanability and elegant designs.

In addition to the food bowl, our dog water bowl models, which are one of the other important product groups, easily adapt to your living space with different colour and size options. We offer ergonomic designs, especially large dog water container, to ensure that the water stays fresh for a long time and that dogs can easily reach. The width and depth of the water bowl are carefully sized to meet your dog's water needs and allow them to drink comfortably.

Each of our dog food bowl and dog water bowl products are designed with both functionality and aesthetic values in mind. In particular, our large breed dog container and other special designs are produced at the ideal height and width for dogs to eat and drink easily. As IKEA, we care about the health of your pets and aim to offer products that will make their eating habits more enjoyable.
We not only sell products, but also provide information and advice to dog owners on how to use, clean and make these products more efficient.

All our dog and pet product categories are supported by guides with this information. So when you buy our products, you can immediately access detailed information about their use and easily implement the best solutions to suit your pet's needs.

Whatever your needs, the wide range of products is designed to meet all kinds of pet care needs. Discover everything you need for a healthy and happy pet with us. Regular feeding and water intake is vital for dogs to lead a healthy life and we are here to provide you with the best support in this process.

Dog food and water bowl models

Every dog's needs are different and this is also reflected in their food container. In our collection, you can find large dog container and steel dog container suitable for various breeds, from small to large. We also have ceramic dog container designed for pet owners who prioritise aesthetics and cleanliness. These products stand out with their designs that will fit into modern kitchens and their features that make cleaning easier. In particular, metal and ceramic materials guarantee durability and long-term use, while impressing with their elegant designs.

Considering the eating habits and health of dogs, the material quality of food container is of great importance. IKEA always aims to produce water container and food container for dogs to the highest standards. You can choose from a variety of materials such as plastic, metal and ceramic. Plastic models are lightweight and economical, while ceramic and metal models are more advantageous in terms of durability and health.

Our large dog water bowl options are ideal for large and energetic dogs. These container are wide-mouthed and deep, so dogs can easily drink their water. The height of the water bowl should also be chosen according to your dog's height. Low container, especially for large dogs, can cause them to have to bend down to drink, which can lead to problems with neck and spine health in the long term.

Along with functionality, our dog food and water container are available in a variety of colours and patterns, designed to appeal to all tastes. In addition to the classic black, white and grey tones, there are also vibrant colour options. Thus, these products are more than just a necessity object, they become a part of your home decoration, such as colourfully designed dog beds.

Most of these products are designed specifically for the use of cats and dogs and are manufactured without the use of potentially harmful materials to protect your pet's health. In particular, ceramic and stainless steel products are among the non-toxic materials. Ceramic container are easy to clean and prevent bacteria accumulation, while steel container offer long-term use thanks to their stainless properties.

Our collection of dog food and water container also includes ergonomic designs. These designs have been carefully crafted to ensure that dogs can eat and drink comfortably. Anti-slip soles prevent the water bowl from slipping, minimising spillages and contamination during meals. Each product has been thought out and designed in detail to make life easier for both owners and their beloved friends. 

What should a dog food and water bowl look like?

An ideal dog food and water bowl should be carefully selected according to the size, needs and lifestyle of your pet. For high-energy dogs or large breeds, a larger capacity large breed dog food bowl and large dog water bowl should be used. These container allow large dogs to easily get the amount of food and water they need. For small breed dogs, smaller containers that are not high off the ground may be needed. Choosing the right bowl size allows your dog to eat and drink comfortably.

The materials of dog food and water bowl products are also of great importance. Containers made of stainless steel are preferred because they are long-lasting and easy to clean. Steel dog food bowl is ideal with its stainless steel and bacteria-free structure. Materials such as ceramic and glass are also easy to clean and have hypoallergenic properties. However, ceramic dog container are generally heavier, which can prevent slipping and provide a more stable eating experience.

In addition, for pet owners who prioritise the health of their dogs, the container should be easy to clean. Food residues and water contamination can negatively affect the health of dogs. Therefore, the fact that the container can be washed regularly and cleaned from germs contributes to a healthier life for dogs.

In terms of design, non-slip soles are a useful feature of dog container. Particularly active dogs can use this type of container to prevent the container from sliding around while eating or drinking. Thanks to the ergonomic design, there are also special designs that can be easily used by every dog breed. For dogs with long ears, water container with deeper and narrower openings provide a more hygienic drinking process by preventing their ears from touching the water.

Safety is also very important in nutrition products. The containers used for dogs to eat and drink should not contain sharp edges and should be made of non-toxic materials. All products are manufactured to the highest standards and are subjected to the necessary tests for both your safety and the health of your dogs.

Every detail should support both the physical and mental health of your dogs. With IKEA's selection of water container and food container for dogs, you can choose the best one for your four-legged friend and contribute to a happier and healthier life for them. You can find these products and more in our pet products category.

How to clean dog food and water container?

For dog owners, the health of their pets is paramount, and therefore, the cleanliness of the products used requires great attention. In particular, regular cleaning of food and water container is critical for dogs to lead a healthy life. The materials and methods to be used during the cleaning of the container vary according to the material of the container. Steel dog container or ceramic models do not harbour bacteria due to their smooth surfaces and can be cleaned using only hot water and mild detergent. However, plastic container are prone to scratching and can harbour germs, so they need to be cleaned much more carefully.

Another important point is to choose the appropriate tools for cleaning. When cleaning dog food and water container, sharp brushes or abrasive cleaners should not be used, as these materials can damage the surface of the container and cause germ nests to form. In our category of animal care products, we offer products specifically designed to clean container correctly. These products include feather collectors and microfibre cloths, so that dog owners can easily and effectively clean the container after each use.

Cleaning the bowl should be a regular routine. Many dog owners prefer to deep clean their dog's container every other day or on a weekly basis due to the daily consumption of food and water. Regular cleaning supports dogs to stay healthy and helps to prevent possible diseases. A clean and hygienic feeding environment is of great importance for both the physical and psychological health of dogs.

There's also a social dimension to bowl cleaning. Surveys among pet owners have shown that dogs are more likely to adopt food and water container that are cleaned regularly, and that their eating and drinking habits are more regular with clean container. This situation contributes to the development of healthy eating habits by positively affecting the diet of dogs.

What should be considered when buying dog food and water container?

When choosing a dog food and water bowl, the quality and durability of the material is very important. Materials such as stainless steel, ceramic or robust plastic offer long-lasting use and can be safely preferred to protect the health of your dogs. When choosing a water bowl for dogs, it is important that the edges are rounded and the structure that will not easily tip over should be preferred. Such features provide extra safety, especially for active and playful dogs.

It is also of great importance that the products are easy to clean. Materials special for the use of dogs should be easy to clean and germ-free to maintain hygienic conditions. Food container with removable inner surfaces help to protect your dog's health by simplifying your daily cleaning needs. Steel dog container and ceramic options are among the ideal choices in this sense.

Size selection is another factor to be considered. Choosing container suitable for your dog's height and weight allows them to be fed comfortably and in the right amounts. Especially large breed dogs need larger and wider container. IKEA offers a range of large dog container and large dog water container suitable for all breeds and sizes. In this way, you can easily find the most suitable product for your four-legged friends.

Like cat products, aesthetics should not be overlooked when choosing these products. IKEA's design-oriented approach offers stylish and modern food container that will blend in with your home décor. Thanks to the variety of colours and designs, you can have food container that are both functional and eye-catching. A well-chosen food bowl can make your dog's feeding area more inviting and fun.

Designs with lids that will preserve the freshness of the food can also be preferred. This will keep your dog's food fresh and ensure a healthier diet. Reflecting Swedish quality, IKEA products will be your best assistant in pet care with their practicality and durability. Offering robust and practical solutions suitable for long-term use, our designers continue to develop innovative products for the needs of dog owners.

You can examine our wide range of products to access high quality products for the needs of your animal friends and provide them with a better life. Each product is part of our brand's vision to create a better life for pets and their owners. At IKEA, you can order dog products and other accessories by seeing all the details and make your pets' lives more enjoyable and healthier.

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