Instead of displaying your candles in a simple way, you can make the decoration of your home more remarkable by displaying them together with candlesticks. With a variety of candle holders, you can find the most suitable one for your home, if you have a living space with dark tones, you can add a classic atmosphere by combining it with wooden candlesticks or, you can add vitality to the environment by choosing candlesticks in lighter colours.

Different ways of displaying block candles

Do you know what's great about block candles ? As well as their warm glow and cozy ambiance, they're easy to add a touch of style. You can group several together for a dramatic display, or place a single one in your candle holder for a subtle sparkle.

A look that suits your style

You can change the atmosphere of your home in an instant with candlestick models. While decorating your coffee tables, you can complete your coffee table look by adding single candlesticks next to your trinkets. Or you can add style with light-coloured decorative candle holders on your bathroom cabinet.

Too much in one

You do not have to use your candle holders only as single candlesticks. You can get a more complete look by combining more than one candlestick together. 3-piece candlesticks are the perfect solution for this. You can also use this look you have created in many areas. You can use it on the dining tables you prepare for your guests or on your side tables .

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