Baby Duvets

Our selection of baby duvets are recommended for children 12 months and over. They are all machine washable so they are easy to keep clean and fresh. Our baby duvets has an outer fabric made from cotton and lyocell that absorbs and wicks away moisture for a comfortable sleep. You can also use baby pillows to complement the baby duvets.

Baby quilt models

Sleep is undoubtedly the only medicine to relax after a busy day. Newly born babies and children need long and healthy sleep to grow faster. Pillows and baby quilts specially designed for very sensitive babies are the key to a good sleep. As IKEA, we can guarantee that your baby can have a quality sleep thanks to the baby quilts produced for the little ones.

The quality of sleep depends on the softness and delicacy of the baby pillow and baby duvet. Cotton quilts are made of 100% cotton fabric and filling, so they have a very soft and light structure. Our baby quilt models, which provide maximum comfort, can be used without a duvet cover and can be easily machine washed.

The filling material of the cotton baby quilt is very high quality. There are many different filling materials such as bamboo, goose down, silicone or wool. Different filling materials have different properties. Bamboo baby quilt is frequently preferred because it is natural and light. It is especially useful for slightly warm weather. It also maintains the body's temperature on cold nights. There is also a goose feather baby quilt. Again, this filling material is also very light and prevents sweating and keeps warm. When you buy a quality product, you can also use it for many years. You can also take a look at organic baby quilt types to protect your child from harmful chemicals. Since the body and skin of newborns are sensitive, they can develop sensitivity to many things. For this reason, antiallergic baby quilts are produced thanks to the developing technology. You can easily use this product in your child's bed. With its light structure, it does not sweat during sleep and allows the body to breathe. Another type that is comfortable and breathable and at the same time light in structure is microfibre baby quilt. It is easily transported with its light structure, does not sweat and keeps warm at the same time. It offers a comfortable sleep experience as it does not create any weight on the child while sleeping. You can find the most suitable one for your child among different types of silk baby quilts. Another diversity in these products is the difference in sizes. Products of different sizes are produced to suit the bed and the age of the child.

Things to consider when buying a baby quilt

Environmental conditions are very important for children to have a comfortable sleep. The fluffy baby quilt produced according to different climatic conditions provides good and healthy protection for your child. It offers a healthy and quality sleep experience for your child. Especially the filling material cotton, bamboo and goose feather products have extra lightness and the ability to keep the body warm in cold weather. You can choose products with different features according to the seasons. A thin baby quilt may be a better option for hot weather. In such weather, a baby quilt that does not sweat is also very useful. Heavy products with unnecessary thickness can cause sweating during sleep and affect sleep quality badly. Your child can have a quality and healthy sleep with crystal baby quilt types in different sizes, colours and features. These products have a rich variety of options from different brands. Silicone baby quilt is one of these types. This product is very popular due to its features such as being lightweight, preventing the feeling of tightness and heaviness while lying in bed, as well as being able to be used for many years. In addition, it provides extra comfort with its moisture absorbing feature. In this way, it offers a comfortable sleep experience. Another type that provides a high level of comfort and comfort is the satin baby quilt. If you are worried that your child's skin is irritated or affected by anything, you can also look at antibacterial baby quilt types. When choosing, it is also important to buy a product according to the dimensions of the bed.

How to choose a baby quilt model?

There are a few points you should pay attention to in order to find a product that your child will feel comfortable and safe in, that provides a comfortable and quality sleep. First of all, it is important that the size of the single baby quilt is approximately the size of your child's crib or bed to protect it from the cold. When you choose a baby quilt with a zip in the appropriate size, you can prevent problems such as gathering due to the large size of the product or uncovering the child due to the small size. The filling material of the product is another important point. Baby quilt suggestions include silicone, goose feather, cotton filling materials. Many people among the baby quilt reviews recommend these filling materials. Baby quilt price options also differ from each other. The price may vary according to the model, brand and filling of the product. You can buy a baby quilt online for your child to have a quality and healthy sleep. You can have quality models that suit your needs. If the product is too thick, it may disturb the child while sleeping or it may catch cold because it is too thin. For this reason, choosing a product with a thickness suitable for the season is beneficial for the child to sleep in a healthy way. It is important for a more comfortable sleep that the filling material is healthy, non-sweating and lightweight. Your children will be very comfortable with models that appeal to every budget. Products that appeal to their skin sensitivity are of high quality. You can buy these models for a comfortable sleep and a comfortable position.

In order for babies to have a beautiful, healthy and peaceful sleep, some details should be considered when choosing a quilt. Baby quilts should be selected with different features. The inner area is as important as the outer surface of the baby quilt. It is generally recommended that the outer surface of the quilt, which will come into contact with his sensitive skin, should be breathable and antiallergic cotton fabric. It is also important for health that there is no printing or colouring material on the outer surface of the baby quilt. The inner surface of the quilt is also a detail to be considered for both the weight of the quilt and the ideal protection of the quilt. Preferring cotton on the inner surface of the quilt offers a breathable feature and will not disturb your baby with its lightness. In addition to the details that should be preferred in the outer and inner areas of the baby quilt, you should pay attention to its dimensions. The dimensions of the baby quilt types we offer as IKEA are determined as 110x125 cm.

When is a baby quilt used?

Baby quilts are products that are generally used when babies come out of swaddling. In this way, the baby can have a nice and peaceful sleep with an extremely light and warm cover while moving more comfortably. In order for babies to sleep deeply and peacefully, they should not sweat during sleep. For this reason, each product covered or dressed on the baby is important. Although it is not recommended for babies to use baby quilts until the first three months, the situation may change a little more, especially for winter babies. The swaddled baby can complete sleep at an average temperature. However, if it is in an extremely cold area, there is no harm in using a cotton baby quilt. It is recommended to use cotton quilts for newborn babies for the first year. Although goose down or woollen quilts are favourable for health, it is recommended to use such quilts after one year of age.

What material should the baby quilt be made of?

The outer surface of the baby quilt is recommended to offer antibacterial properties while having breathable fabric selection. It is also an important detail that the fabric is not produced with choices such as dyeing or printing. The quality prints and paints used in such choices may contain factors harmful to health. However, it is important to make use of cotton selection on the inner surface. Although the inner areas prepared with wool or goose feathers are healthy, quilts with this interior are recommended after one year of age. A healthy and peaceful sleep of the baby is important for its development. In order for him to have a healthy and peaceful sleep, attention should be paid to the choice of baby quilt. In order for your baby not to get cold during sleep, the quilt you prefer should not have features that will cause him to sweat. For this reason, both the inner surface and the outer surface of the quilt are important.

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