VÖRDA cleaver, stainless steel/black


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Colour stainless steel/black
Size 18 cm

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Product Information


Length: 32 cm

Length of knife blade: 18 cm

Key features

The knife has a large high blade which gives good stability for chopping vegetables and meat.

Handle in a design and material providing a firm grip.

Made of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, which is why the knife stays sharp for a very long time.

VÖRDA is the right choice if you're looking for hard-wearing knives with a good grip. The full, rounded handles ensure that the knives sit firmly in your hand. The knives are also ergonomically designed to support your hand and wrist. And the stainless steel blades make them easy to clean.

"With VÖRDA I wanted to make a series of knives with a good combination of function and appearance. One of the places that's obvious is in the handle that has a material and a shape that make it comfortable and easy to grip. It was also important to me to make the knives in high quality re-sharpenable steel - so they can be used every day for a long time."

Handwash only.


Blade:Stainless molybdenum/vanadium-steel

Handle:Polypropylene plastic, Synthetic rubber

Width: 13 cm

Height: 3 cm

Length: 40 cm

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