APPLARÖ Series: Adjustable furniture for outdoors

Want a cosy table for 2 on your balcony? Or a dining combination in your garden? Small or large, APPLARÖ is a complete series with everything you need to customise your outdoor living area. The drop-leaf and foldable tables and reclining chairs save space while different lounging combinations give you the flexibility to create your outdoor room.


Room for everyone for brunches and barbecues.

No need to panic when hosting a crowd for the weekend brunch or a barbecue party in the garden. With the drop-leaf dining tables and foldable table, you can adjust the table size according to the number of guests. APPLARÖ garden and dining furniture help you create the space for a get-together in the open air.


Balcony, the living space of summertime.

You can turn your balcony into a perfect outdoor living area with foldable drop-leaf tables and chairs or a bar table and stools set. Stackable or foldable chairs provide you a practical solution in need of space. You can also use the wall panel and table to decorate or use it as a storage and create a comfortable seating area with a few colored cushions placed on the bench.

Time for relaxing in the sun

The relaxing sun loungers create a new spot in your garden to enjoy the evening sun after returning the beach.

Sit on it or store in it, both works.

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