IKEA Turkey Mapa A.Ş. Ethics Agreement

The present agreement is drawn up alongside our business ethics rules agreement, business principles, business ethics and Human Resources practices, so as to establish the operating principles of IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş., to provide guidance regarding our responsibilities and the problems which may arise in our professional life.


IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. regards great importance to integrity, transparency, and business ethics throughout all processes and its business relations. The firm, throughout its operations implemented in integrity, transparency and business ethics, expects all its employees and solution partners to abide by these values as well. The firm may terminate the business relationship in case the parties it works with act in a manner impairing these values.

Business Ethics

IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. does not condone or tolerate acts such as corruption, racketeering, and embezzlement. It does not act in breach of regulations and practices to combat corruption; engage in or accept improper proposals such as bribery, or proposals to lead to unfair advantages.

Confidentiality and Protection of Confidential Information

Confidential information is the financial, technical, commercial, private and strategic information which may cause harm to the firm and give advantages to third parties, if disclosed. The protection of the trade secrets and confidential information of the firm, its employees, and third parties is a sensitive issue for the firm. Any kind of idea and strategy developed, created, improved and implemented by the employees of IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş., and relevant information, documents, analyses, databases and other information are the products of substantial efforts. These elements are individually valuable and are proprietary to IKEA Türkiye MAPA A.Ş.; hence require diligent safekeeping.

Furthermore, IKEA Türkiye MAPA A.Ş., makes a point of protection and preventing the disclosure of the confidential information of the parties and persons it works with, and notifies all its employees about these issues. Moreover, the private information on personnel files is not to be disclosed within the firm.

Human Rights

IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. does not engage in any form of discrimination against its employees or solution partners on any issue, including but not limited to performance, personal development, and promotions.


IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. operates in compliance with the national laws and regulations and applicable international agreements, and motivates its employees to act as such. Indeed, it does not tolerate behaviours otherwise. In the same vein, it expects its solution partners to act in line with the said principle.

Environment Consciousness

IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. endeavours to minimise its operations’ negative impact on the environment. Its actions are guided by the consciousness of keeping the environment clean and preserving it. It raises consciousness among its employees about, and ensures they act accordingly with respect to, the protection of resources, saving energy, and recycling, and supports corporate social responsibility projects in these matters.


Responsibility of the Firm Before its Employees

  • IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. ensures that the employees’ personal rights can be exercised fully and correctly, and adopts an honest and fair perspective towards its employees.
  • Respects the personal preferences and choices of its employees, and adopts an impartial stance.
  • Thoroughly performs all its legal obligations before its employees.
  • Acts with an eye on the rights of its employees within the framework of the rules of business ethics where the regulations fall short.
  • Pays attention to the principle of merit in hiring, promotions and appointments; maintains equality of opportunity among employees.
  • Does not meddle with the private information and lives of the employees; keeps any information regarding employees confidential, and does not disclose such information to third parties.
  • Organises training to improve performance and ensure personal development of the employees.
  • No gender, age, political view, physical disability, ethnicity, and religious belief based discrimination is allowed between employees and in practices concerning employees. No personal privileges are allowed within the firm.
  • The firm provides healthy and safe work environments as required by the laws.

The Employees’ Responsibilities Before the Firm

  • IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. employees act in accordance with morals, business ethics, laws, occupational safety rules, and company procedures.
  • The employees shall use the confidential and private information they come to learn about due to their positions or the requirements of the work, exclusively for the business, and shall not leak such information outside the firm; neither shall they give interviews or make statements regarding the firm without the approval of the management, to press and media.
  • The employees shall act with utmost diligence and care when performing the duties assigned to them. They shall make every effort to ensure that the work is of higher quality, more efficient, and more cost-effective.
  • The employees shall refrain from any acts and dispositions to impair the image and prestige of the firm, and shall not, during work hours, act in breach of the uniform/dress code and code of conduct established by the management.
  • When carrying out the activities in their areas of responsibility, the employees shall without exception refuse any pecuniary and non-pecuniary proposals to be made by third parties with reference to the direction of such activities.
  • The employees shall not engage in direct business relationships with firms employing or is partly or fully owned by immediate family. Where necessary, they notify the management.
  • The employees shall notify the management with respect to any cases which may be detrimental to the interests of the firm.
  • The employees shall refrain from causing unnecessary expenses or waste by using the fixtures, tools and vehicles of the firm in an appropriate and cost-conscious perspective, and shall not use the capabilities offered by the firm for their private business.

The Responsibilities of the Firm Before Other Firms

  • IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. acts in accordance with laws in all its endeavours. It always acts fairly and respectfully with other firms and solution partners; it strives to meet its obligations in a timely manner.
  • It does not seek unjust enrichment before other persons or parties, regardless of the purpose.
  • It bases the decisions to purchase a product or service on pre-determined and disclosed criteria.
  • As a rule, the solution partners should not impair the image and prestige of IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. and should emphasise the proven business values.
  • The firm sees that the continuous services procured from other entities and enterprises are provided in accordance with regulations.
  • The firm does not disclose to third parties the private information concerning other entities and enterprises providing services to it or working with it, without their approval.

The Responsibilities of the Firm Before the Public

  • IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. strives to meet the expected service standards the entities and parties it works with.
  • The firm fully and timely complies with its tax obligations and other legal obligations.
  • The firm shall not use contemptuous, sarcastic and offending statements about other entities, enterprises, products, and people.
  • The firm strives in its operations to preserve the nature and heritage, and to act in compliance with traditions and customs, as well as all applicable regulations.
  • The firm advocates business ethics in its field, and endeavours to instill, disseminate, and ensure the embrace of such principles.

The Responsibilities of the Firm Before the Society

  • IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. advocates business ethics in its field, and endeavours to instill, disseminate, and ensure the embrace of such principles, and refrains from unfair competition.
  • IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. strives hard to meet the service standards its customers come to expect of it.
  • At all times IKEA Turkey MAPA A.Ş. respects democracy, environment, consumer rights, and human rights.

Employees’ Responsibilities Before Other Employees

  • The employees shall not disclose, to third parties and entities outside the framework of the business, any private information about company employees, they come to learn in due course of their business.
  • The employees value teamwork.
  • The employees embrace a solution-oriented, motivating and result-oriented perspective in all their business connections.
  • The employees place trust at the heart of their business relationships, and act accordingly.
  • The employees act honestly, politely, respectfully, and in compliance with the rules of mores and etiquette before their colleagues.
  • No employee shall demand preferential treatment on grounds of gender, religious belief, ethnicity, or political views; nor shall they offer preferential treatment to other employees or entities, or engage in discrimination. No compromises shall be sought or accepted with reference to gender, religious belief, ethnicity or political views.

General Rules

MAYA Group’s Ethics Committee established by the firm shall have jurisdiction in clarifying the matters which cannot be associated with the aforementioned.

In case provisions of the business ethics agreement are breached, and in case the Ethics Committee deems it necessary, the employee in question and the relevant case shall be referred to the Disciplinary Board the members of which also include Employee Representatives.

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