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Kitchen Assembly Service

For a low fee, the IKEA professional kitchen assembly team can set up your kitchen for you at home.

Kitchen Assembly Service(In-city);
Installation fee is TRY 225 up to TRY 2.500,
and %9 of the total product price is charged if it is over TRY 2.500.
*When a kitchen assembly service of 3,500 TL or more is received, the transportation of the kitchen products for which assembly service is received is free of charge.

You can also purchase the assembly service for the product you want after you leave the store or after your products are delivered to you, together with your IKEA invoice number.

Kitchen Measurement Service

Before planning your new kitchen the integrity of measurements is crucial. If you prefer, our experienced IKEA team can visit your home and provide you the measurement service.

TRY 75 for in-city address

Click for more information.

*Measurement fee will be refunded as soon as you buy the kitchen.

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