HÅLLBAR bins are designed to meet different waste sorting needs. This bin is perfect for sorting dry and wet organic waste such as coffee grounds and peels from fruits or vegetables.

The bin’s ventilation holes and the form of the bottom allow the air to circulate and dry out the organic waste. This minimises unwanted odours.

HÅLLBAR bins are stackable to save space. Place same-size bins on top of each other or place smaller bins on top of the larger ones.

The bins can be placed freestanding anywhere in your home or integrated in a cabinet or drawer.

By mounting HÅLLBAR pull out frame for waste sorting bins in a cabinet or HÅLLBAR support frame for waste sorting bins in MAXIMERA high drawer, the bins stay in place, and you get good access and overview.

In the kitchen, mount your waste sorting as close to the sink as possible since this is where most waste is produced and to avoid spills.

A lid is included to hide your waste. It’s removeable for easy cleaning or if you prefer to keep your bin open.

The bin is designed with rounded corners to make it easier to clean.

The folding handle makes it easy to carry the bin with you to the waste station.

The included sticker can be attached to the bin to mark what you are sorting. Draw or write on the sticker to make it clear what goes in the bin.

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HALLBAR Waste Bin, Light Grey Product Information

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Get your waste sorting sorted

There’s no getting around it: cooking means waste. Even if you make the most of your leftovers there’s still some to take care of. But more waste doesn’t necessarily mean more mess. HÅLLBAR bins can help you create a good waste sorting solution for your family and kitchen.

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IKEA - HALLBAR, waste bin, light grey, 10 l

HALLBAR Waste Bin, Light Grey Product Information


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