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Switch between 3 different light functions – a dimmed light that works as a night light, a stronger light and a disco light that pulsates with several colours in time with the music being played.

The clear and distinct sound is perfect company when your child wants to dance to their favourite music or listen to a bedtime story.

Connect and play your favourite tunes from your phone, computer or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device.

The speaker comes in a package with a playful pattern, save it and reuse it to store things like children's toys.

A strap makes it simple to carry the speaker, which encourages your child to play and move around.

VAPPEBY bluetooth speaker has round, playful and friendly shapes and colours.

Simple to charge since the speaker just needs to be placed on the included charging plate – and always charges no matter which position it lies in.

You as a parent can stay in control over the speakers volume by predefining its volume limit through your phone.

Article Number 605.151.24

VAPPEBY Bluetooth Speaker, Pink Product Information

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IKEA - VAPPEBY, bluetooth speaker, pink

VAPPEBY Bluetooth Speaker, Pink Product Information


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