Can be played both indoors and outdoors since the balls are soft.

Being physically active helps your child develop their motor skills and coordination, while forming a healthy habit for life.

Article Number 603.870.32

LUSTIGT Tag Game With Vest And Balls Product Information

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"I get a lot of inspiration from my own children and want to encourage more movement, laughter and play with the games in the LUSTIGT series. The Tag game is a good example. Here you can run and chase each other while you try to hit each other’s vest with the balls. And since children like to make up their own rules, I developed the games so they can be played as you like. Who knows, maybe the basket hoop can get both dirty laundry and toys to disappear in no time?"

Designer Henrik Preutz

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IKEA - LUSTIGT, tag game with vest and balls

LUSTIGT Tag Game With Vest And Balls Product Information


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