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A soft look with robust details

With neat and flexible accessories, caring for all your wardrobe essentials becomes both delightful and practical. A personal caddy in robust design keeps track of your needles and threads. And if you’ve got a board to play with, you can organise everything laundry-related just the way you like it.


clothes hanger, white/grey 119 Add to Basket


pegboard, board 729 Add to Basket


small ironing board, black-white 399 Add to Basket
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multi-use board part, white 290 Add to Basket


basket, grey-green 749 Add to Basket


small ironing board, black-white 399 Add to Basket


wall clock, black 319 Add to Basket
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spray bottle, white 59.99 Add to Basket

An airy workspace and display storage combo

White frames, open shelving unit, generous workspace and white appliances help you achieve a modern look. It also makes ironing, folding and sorting easier. Use boxes and baskets to organise items by category and keep things close to where you need them. Hide the rest for an uncluttered look (and mind).

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earthenware plant pot, brown 399 Add to Basket


soap dispenser, beige 219 Add to Basket

IKEA PS 2002

watering can, white 74.99 Add to Basket


dish-washing brush, beige 64.99 Add to Basket

Let the light in

Invisible lighting strips under wall cabinets and wall frames will up the glow factor of your laundry room. By connecting the LED strip to a wireless dimmer you can change between functional light or a cosy atmosphere as you want.

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bathroom set, bamboo 459 Add to Basket


basket, grey-green 749 Add to Basket

IKEA 365+

glass jar, glass 319 Add to Basket
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Folding someone else’s jeans and t-shirt is an act of love, after all

It’s probably the hardest working space in your home, so why not give it the love and care it deserves? Like minimalistic but generous storage, nourishing oak, muted tones and small personal touches. Laundry day is rough enough — you may as well do those everyday chores in a serene space that inspires you.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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5 ways to make laundry day a chill day

The most practical and perhaps smallest room in your home can still be stylish. Make yours an uplifting place to do the laundry preparations with bamboo cosiness, chic accessories, earthy colours and nifty tips.

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