A kitchen for connection

This kitchen gets a lot of action, so hardwearing pieces make their appearance throughout, from the chopping boards to the kitchen chairs. Two tables also mean there is always enough space for multiple activities. Homework, a puzzle and meal prep? They can happen here all at once and comfortably too.



mug set, glass 149 Add to Basket


wooden chair, red 1,549 Add to Basket

IKEA 365+

carafe, glass 109 Add to Basket


glass jar with lid, glass 109 Add to Basket


chopping board, acacia 579 Add to Basket


wall shelf, off white 1,699 Add to Basket


wooden chair, red 1,549 Add to Basket


open bookcase, red stained-light brown stained 6,999 Add to Basket


coffee table, white stain/light brown 4,999 Add to Basket


fabric, striped-black 179 Add to Basket

Putting the ‘living’ in living room

Feet on the sofa? Why not! When you’ve got removable, washable covers it really takes the fuss out of everyday living. This living room is all about enjoyment and with games and books for all ages in arm’s reach, fun is always accessible when the moment strikes. 

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A spot for family traditions

Finding an activity everyone enjoys can be a great way to create a family tradition. This living room as been set up for movie nights. Multipurpose tray tables are ideal for snacks, snuggly blankets are at the ready, and a film can either be streamed or a DVD selected from the drawers of the TV bench. 

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background curtain, 1 pair, dark beige 2,199 Add to Basket


black frame, black 299 Add to Basket


storage table, white 999 Add to Basket


decorative bowl, brass colour 599 Add to Basket


tv bench, white stain/light brown 8,299 Add to Basket

Calming tones for a parental retreat 

The main bedroom sticks to basics, favouring pieces made from natural materials to foster a sense of calm. A bamboo pendant lamp, wooden bedframe, seagrass rug and cotton bedding all come together to create a simple and relaxing space, with closed wardrobes keeping possessions hidden yet organised. 



single duvet cover sets, white black-check 999 Add to Basket


jute rug, natural 2,199 Add to Basket

Bedrooms for well-being and privacy

Whether they’re just starting school or well into teenhood, it’s possible to create bedrooms for kids to grow into. In both these bedrooms, bigger furniture pieces stand the test of time while smaller easily updatable accessories allow kids to explore their interests in a space that feels their own.

Step into the bedrooms


earthenware plant pot, dark grey 99 Add to Basket


round mirror, black 1,699 Add to Basket


soap dispenser, bamboo 179 Add to Basket

A bathroom that gets down to the essentials

A pared-back lifestyle is about being selective, not going without. This attitude is felt throughout the home, but especially in the shared bathroom, where products are kept to a minimum and drawer space divided.

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A hallway for coming and going

This is a home for family life and that is clear from the moment you set foot into the hallway. Long and narrow, this space packs a storage punch with hooks, rails, benches and shoe cabinets - all playing their part in making outdoor life easy and accessible for everyone.

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