Important Notice for Chest of Drawers  

At IKEA we see children as the world’s most precious assets and consider ensuring the safety of our products as our topmost priority. In order that our products are used in the safest way possible and are appropriate to a child setting for many years now we have been putting the necessary warning instructions on our packaging and including fixing apparatus.

With this understanding, IKEA’s chests of drawers found in all IKEA stores around the world are sold together with the pieces necessary to mount them on the wall. The user guide on the product packaging says the following; “If this furniture overturns, a serious accident may occur. In order to prevent the risk of overturning, your furniture must be mounted to the wall.” The instructions for doing this are clearly stated alongside this.

The best way to prevent pieces such as all chests of drawers and similar furniture from overturning is to mount them on the wall. Likewise, IKEA products are also designed as to prevent accidents caused by pieces of furniture overturning and undergo testing before production. IKEA furniture is tested to ensure that it meets European Safety Standard 14749 EN. The sale of MALM chests of drawers continues not only in our country but in many European countries.

At the entire IKEA family we are deeply saddened by the accidents that have been experienced. The best way to prevent chests of drawers from overturning is to mount the chest of drawers to the wall using the fixing apparatus and tools that come with the product. In its assembly instructions IKEA also details the mounting stage, providing fixing apparatus alongside the product.

To draw attention to the sensitivity of the issue, at IKEA Turkey we have provided warning information explaining how to mount MALM chests of drawers to walls on both our website and in our stores.

Yours sincerely,
IKEA Turkey

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