Create the room that your child dreams of.

Children develop and grow faster in a room that fulfils their needs while sleeping, playing, creating and studying. They feel happy being in a room that supports their physical and mental development, reveals their imagination and help create their own magical world. Thanks to KURA reversible bed you can create the special space for them to sleep and play.

Furniture that brings the imagination to life.

Inspired by the shapes in cartoons, the MAMMUT Series is perfect for children to draw and do arts and crafts or play with a parent of a friend. Plus, it’s also designed for outdoor use, perfect for those long-awaited days when it’s more fun to play outside.

STUVA Series grow with your child.

When children and their needs grow, we expect the furniture in the room would grow as well. It is possible only with STUVA Series. You can transform the changing table to an activity table and then later to a comfortable desk where the child can sit and do the homework. When you need an extra storage for sport equipments and toys, add a drawer under the STUVA bench. In order to use the space the best possible way, STUVA loft bed combination delivers a complete solution for your child’s room, including desk, wardrobe and open shelf unit.

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Let the youngest ones join the table.

IKEA Çocuk Kampanyası

Having your baby sit on a high chair and eat at the same table with you helps them develop social and eating skills. ANTILOP high chairs are so easy to assemble and disassemble the that you can carry it anywhere you want and stack as many as you need.

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